Dr. Mario Ramirez joins Geoff Bennett and Hallie Jackson to discuss the spread of the Delta variant, and why unvaccinated Americans should be concerned. 

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By earmpy

39 thoughts on “How Concerned Should We Be About The Delta Covid Variant?”
  1. Biden and The Cheating Mala lost the election on November 3rd when the polls closed and there was no transfer of Power and they're trying to force us to take the Mark of the beast and they want to do mandatory mask experimental vaccine lockdown studies on the American people similar to the Nazis and the holocaust smh

  2. Ya'll make sure Ya'll social distance from the dirty test tent vaccine parking lot pimping stadium vaccine sights are Hot Spots super spreader events and you might catch the virus if you go over there and don't open your door to strangers who show up maybe showing up with the virus so social distance instead

  3. Why do you think the US & Mexico have limited variants & not Delta in circulation? We've had Delta get into Australia 3 times so far, all 3 were from America! All the worst outbreaks we've had in Australia have originated in the US, so I think it's great that novavax was tested there, as that is the worst place in the world for covid variants.

    & you're kidding yourself if you think Delta is only 10% of your cases right now!

  4. if you're willing to endanger your families and communities by politicizing vaccines with a new variant here.. then you deserve the rona. grats, I'm not reposting or sharing your in-memoriam.

  5. You possess a LITERALLY LIBRARY of information in the palm of your hand…use it WISELY & stop ‘feeding this white noise’, you know what to DO to be SAFE Beloveds.

    Where to Start? Practice Physical & Spiritual HYGIENE.
    1) Shadow Work
    2) Book of Enoch
    3) Eisenhower Allowed UFO Abductions WITHOUT the CONSENT of the Public in exchange for technology

    1918 Spanish Flu: NO Vaccine = Done in 2yrs
    “Overcoming This World” filled with ‘Fleshly Desires’; Reward for Suffering = Flapper Era = 9yrs of Prosperity.

  6. I will question the Drs assertion that AZ is not as effective against the Delta variant. That is NOT what the UK government said, they said two shots of any of the vaccines was highly effective against this variant. There is alot of misinformation about AZ which o think is because is the only non profit. You can never trust the motives of American doctors, too many are only motivated by money.

  7. I was never concerned, nor will I be with any new variants.

    For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.
    2 Timothy 1:7

  8. Don't worry folks!
    Another variant has mutated from delta variant which is now called as delta plus 😂😂😂. Get ready for a next wave.

  9. Thanks, people. This segment is damned important in so many respects! Given the present curtailment of testing regimes in the US, the 10% positive-test prevalence of the Delta Variant is greatly alarming to me. In the efficacy race, Pfizer/BioNTech leads Moderna by a nose, with Janssen/J&J, Oxford/AstroZeneca and Novavax fightin’ for third, a length or two back. As to breakthrough Delta-infection in the vaccinated, the figures are similar, but all five reliably hinder severe disease and hospitalization, and make transmissal less likely. Please, GET YOUR SHOTS!
    I have!

  10. The lies about it and the other lies about vaccines can be filed away. John 8:44. Matthew 25:31-46 the future of heaven and earth Ephesians 1:10,11…forever

  11. “The most different coronavirus variant is only 0.3% different from the original sequence as emailed out of Wuhan in … January 2020. 0.3% [is] the one [variant] that is the most different on the planet so far. And now another way of saying it is, ‘all of the variants are not less than 99.7% identical to each other.’ “Now, you might be thinking, ‘hmm, .3%, is that enough [to escape immunity and become more dangerous]?’ The answer is NO. Getaway, ya know, get out of here … — Dr. Michael Yeadon, Pfizer's former Vice President and Chief Scientist for Allergy & Respiratory who spent 32 years in the industry-leading new medicines research and retired from the pharmaceutical giant with “the most senior research position” in his field.

  12. How many variants can they come up within 15 months off this pandemic. Why is everyone being so politically correct and why not just call the variant by its original name and where it came from. It came from India so it's the India variant. And cocivid19 is covid19 its not a teenage mutant ninja turtle

  13. Listen to concerned prominent Scientists watch:
    Perspectives on the Pandemic Blood Clots and Beyond wear Earbuds

  14. I was working at a call center and last month the General Mgr whi has a big acct with the CDC sud the mask mandate is over. He pulled off his mask and told the whole floor, Everyone can take their mask off vaccinated or not. Why would he put all if his employees at risk when he's trying to make his biggest client, CDC, happy? Stop this fear mongering already!!!!

  15. This is what the gop has done to our country. The mutations are spreading in the U.S particularly in states with gop governors. The right-wing last year in our government were full of anti-science crackpots.

  16. Absolute nonsense to say a new variant will infect people and old variants will not.
    Human behavior spreads the virus, regardless of variants.

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