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20 thoughts on “How Israel is dealing with the COVID-19 Delta variant”
  1. Israel uses our tax dollars to buy our vaccines before we tax payers even had access to the damn vaccine. Congress needs to be purges of Israel lovers

  2. LOCK-DOWNS: Adults ‘being grounded’ like teenagers bc they’re NOT BEHAVING in ways that keep their self & others SAFE.

    Wouldn’t be the 1st Time God had to implement a PLAGUE to RE-Center Man-Kind of WHAT is IMPORTANT in “this life”…but this maybe the LAST WARNING.
    Clearly we’re DISSOLVING as a Species…Phones are SMARTER & TVs are THINNER than Humans today 🧐

    ** 1918: Spanish Flu DONE in 2yrs with NO VACCINE or TECHNOLOGY.
    ** 1920: Flapper Era = 9yrs of Prosperity.

    EVOLVE & start taking SELF Accountability as to WHY this Pandemic continues to escalate…You giving 💯 to ensure NO ones BLOOD is on your hands?

    ** VACCINE: NOT FDA Approved + 100% EFFECTIVE.
    The “hidden treasure” of COVID is legit being missed. You hold a literal LIBRARY in the palm of your HAND.

    Start Your SHADOW WORK.
    ** Mental Fragmentation: It’s won’t go away no matter How BUSY or INTOXICATED you keep your mind.
    – TV: West World (Hosts)-Utopia (vaccine)
    – Enoch: 200 Fallen Angels
    – “I AM Not of This 🌎 ” – Jesus
    – Guatemala syphilis experiments
    – Eisenhower Mandate 0463
    – Tesla: FREE Energy
    – Monolink: Sinner

    Be PRESENT – Be “STILL”…

    SUBLIMINAL Messaging is HOW You “Overcome this World” like The Son of God…

    Peace Be with You Brothers & Sisters during This “Spiritual Great Flood”. 🧿

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  4. Modern Medicine & Science is doing Nothing to Protect Humanity and actually believe They can produce a Better Immunity Than Nature. To better understand the Truth about Vaccination Programs read the Historic, “This Is A Bio-Attack Alert”, by Dr Robert B Strecker.

  5. "If there is hell on earth, it is the lives of the children in Gaza"
    – Antonio Guterres, current Secretary General of the UN

  6. "Israel's structural domination and oppression of the Palestinian people arguably constitutes Apartheid"
    – Ban Ki-moon, former Secretary General of the UN

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