How to give a cat a back massage

How to give a cat a back massage

A very helpful video demonstrating the proper technique for how to give a cat a back massage. This is an important skill for every senior cat attendant to develop. It may not be easy to give a cat a back massage. It may not even be possible with every cat. But when you can give a cat a back massage, the results are more than worth the effort!

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50 thoughts on “How to give a cat a back massage

  1. I find that after a good rub, my cat enjoys my taking handfuls of fur and stretching (not pulling, but gently squeezing and stretching) the whole length of their fur. With a strong pet over the area after, of course. People enjoy this too. Don't pull to the point of pain but just stretch. Try it on yourself to get the idea of a comfortable pressure. Works for me and my bunch, anyway.

  2. I appreciate this video for giving me a systemic way to do something I have been often doing anyway (possibly because I wish someone would give me a back massage). Moon even came up to let me practice while I watched. He purred, but he always purrs when he crawls into my lap.

  3. Hey thank-you, I stopped massaging my senior female cat who is smaller than Clawdia and 18yo because I felt she lost a lot of collagen around her vertebrae and skull angles. :/ It is her B-Day soon and I think maybe this would be nice if I try your technique. I hope she don't have arthritis with her teeth and pulmonary problems. (She never was supposed to be alive to start with, I gave her her first breath so she is an 18 yo stillborn/zombie or my own personal preference; miracle gift of God. ^^♥)

    PS; each time I talk or write about her, especially to someone nice with cats, she starts to sing a cat opera. So she sends you and your pet family lots of love in an aria. (One day my neighbors will complain, but she protected (saved) so many lives in her own time, I feel relieved she aerate so loudly her lungs. 😉 )

  4. I started massaging cats when I was still a kid because it seemed like the natural thing to do. I guess it's not surprising that I've been a massage therapist since 2012 :3

  5. I'm tempted to get those self cleaning litter boxes, but the refills are $50 for 3 on Amazon.
    If you go by the rule that you need one litter box, plus one litter box for each cat, they can get really expensive!

  6. I don't think that my cat would like it at all. He's the only one I've seen who's skin and bones along his spine and isn't keen on being petted there or even at the base of his tail. If I attempted to massage him, then he'd probably go on the defensive.

  7. Might try this on my junior goblin Pooka! He's going on 3 and not likely to put up with it long, but he's remarkably cuddly when I catch him in the right mood, and I'm the only one permitted to touch his hindquarters in any way. Mum's old lady Sammie (14) won't mind it either I bet

  8. My cat is more like Claudia, and is pretty easily excitable. He's also the type to nip at me to let me know he doesn't like something, so I'm rarely able to give him full back massages. But, he loooves back of ear/chin/face massages and those get him completely relaxed

  9. "This is an important skill for every senior cat attendant to develop."

    This sentence could mean at least two things and neither of them is stranger than the other.

  10. Soo this popped up and I started massaging my cat, Rhett Butler, who was laying on his bed next to my chaise lounge, he came and and sat next to me and purred sooo loudly and head butted the shit out of everything his head could reach while recieving his massage. Overall I'd say it was a success and Rhett Butler was incredibly happy😍😍 Thank you!!

  11. My 20 y/o cat really appreciated this 😀 She has some troubles with walking sometimes especially if it's this hot outside, and I felt like she definitely walked better amd more comfy afterwards. :>

  12. What a sweet, peaceful video. Mr. Pirate’s face and little purrs gave me such bliss. I want to try this with my Cid. I know my other cat Garnet will NOT be into it but Cid might enjoy it.

  13. just amazing.. i'm blissed out watching! this is an odd place to ask but my cat's hairs have become frazzled, rather than straight they look kinky- has anyone seen this before?

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