If Your Cat Bites You, Here's What It Really Means

If Your Cat Bites You, Here's What It Really Means

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Humans have not yet learned to understand the language of animals and that is why their behavior generate many questions: why do dogs tilt their heads all the time and why do cats make such strange noises?
We’ll try to answer all your questions and maybe we can help you understand your pets a little bit better.

00:00 – Welcome!
00:24 – Why do cats bite? (Preview)
01:01 – Why do dogs bark when seeing hugs?
01:45 – Why do cats freeze with their mouth open?
02:16 – Why do cats knock things over?
02:44 – Why do parrots grind their beaks?
03:30 – Why do cats bring us gifts?
04:04 – Why do dogs walk in circles?
04:36 – Why do cats drag their food out of their bowl?
05:12 – Why do rabbits thump their hind legs?
05:51 – Why do rabbits hop around?
06:16 – Why do hamsters freeze?
06:51 – Can guinea pigs purr?
07:15 – Why do dogs tilt their heads?
08:02 – Why do parrots need mirrors?
08:31 – Why do cats make strange noises?


40 thoughts on “If Your Cat Bites You, Here's What It Really Means

  1. My cat when she bites me i leave my hand there for a minute and then she'll start locking me like she trying to say sorry or something. Its always where she bit/scratched me too.

  2. Lesson 1: Never use your hand for playing. Hands are for petting and not for playing. My cats never bites or scratches me if I touch them with my hands.

  3. Parrots don't need a mirror, they need other birds to be social with. The behavior isn't amazing, it's an animal trying to cope with a life in solitude.

  4. My kitty would bring every one of her kittens and put them in my lap. When the kittensgot to big she would still bring them dragging them between her back legs. She nursed those kittens for almost 2 years and still chased the other cats away

  5. Others reading this: Why do cats with new toys soak them in their water bowl? After they've been around a week or two, they don't do it anymore. Catnip too strong? Even balls get soaked. Can't be the catnip.

  6. A wise person on the internet once said "if the earth was flat, the cats would of pushed everything off already," or something like that, I'm paraphrasing.

  7. It means whatever you're doing that the cat doesn't like don't do it again. That one cat was thrashing its tail, big clue to not touch it at that moment.

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