Iran is facing a fifth wave of COVID-19 as the new Delta variant continues to spread.
The country is already the worst-affected in the Middle East, with 3.5 million people infected and more than 86,000 deaths.
Al Jazeera’s Dorsa Jabbari has more on how Iran’s vaccination programme is slowly getting under way.

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By earmpy

33 thoughts on “Iran faces fifth COVID wave amid growing Delta variant threat”
  1. Dıd anyone see how bad the nurse took the needle out of the Iranian leaders arm? 😅 It was as if there was a snake stuck on the arm and he yanked it off mercilessly.

  2. Heavenly Father, please bless the Iranian people and save the lives of the those in Iran. Bless their steps and keep them safe oh Lord. We give you all the glory and praise for the lives that will be saved in Jesus name.

  3. Good thing china and iran are buddies so iran can get the china vaccine. The USA offered iran and North Korea millions of doses of a working vaccine and they turned it down.

  4. Your sister is from Yemen, my father died 3 years ago due to the war, and I have 4 sisters, and God knows our situation and that I take care of them, and now I have made a channel and I may profit from it, but I lack many subscribers.

    And I hope you don't make fun of me, and I know that this method is wrong, but it is the only way through which I can earn halal money 💔💔 I do not forgive the war that we have reached to these stages …

  5. Salaam from India. 😭
    We Indians too waiting for the worst to Come… Called 3rd wave.
    Without vaccine or no vaccine …. Only God can save us… 😭😭😭😭

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