Ireland will hit peak of Delta wave in three or four weeks – Favier

Ireland is still weeks away from the peak of the Delta wave, according to NPHET member Dr Mary Favier.

Just short of 1,000 new cases were reported yesterday, the highest figure since February 20th.

Meanwhile, there are now 80 coronavirus patients in Irish hospitals – up by almost one-third in a week.

On Newstalk Breakfast this morning, Dr Mary Favier, NPHET member and COVID-19 adviser for the Irish College of GPs said there are real concerns about people who remain unvaccinated.

“We are up to nearly 1,000 cases yesterday and likely to be above that today and into next week,” she said.

“The surge has started. We are two to three or four weeks away from the peak of it probably and the real issue is, will vaccination hold and will we have enough vaccines done – so that is the challenge.

“What is different about this wave is we have vaccination; it is really effective but the concern is we don’t have our younger people vaccinated yet and there are some people, for whatever reason who have not put themselves forward for vaccination and they are of real concern as this surge rises.”