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By earmpy

19 thoughts on “[Journalist Hangout Full] FG Shuts Abuja Parks amid covid-19 Delta Variant panic, As Infections Rise”
  1. By giving all the specification of the aircraft you have spoilt the show,
    when will Nigerian forces and their spokes person learn wisdom

  2. Poor Nigerians refused to listen to the truth. I can hit my chest 100 times that I know 2 of those guys that involved in multi million scam in Colombia. But in Nigeria today they are motivational speakers. What a country, if there money is real let them visit America πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ. I know they won't try it.

  3. Did you include the massacre/genocide in IGBO Lands, by the repented bokoharam terrorist recruited into Nigerian Army and sent them to South East to exterminate the IGBOS??
    Terrorist are called Bandits in Nigeria. Who founded the bokoharam terrorist in Nigeria.?

  4. Oga stop disturbing your self over nothing, are they the course of the hunger in the society?
    The government should be held responsible for that.

  5. You guys at TVC are all mad especially this Babjide hype man called Ayodele, you guys are always celebrating mediocrities, the other day you guys were celebrating 4800mw of electricity generated for a population of over 200 million people. If you love Nigerians as you claim why dont you guys advocate for restructuring and removing power from the exclusives list so that state government and even private company can generate and distribute electricity to Nigerians so like it is done in other countries. Advocate for the abolishment of this evil national grid if you love Nigerians

  6. God did not save Nigeria. Many died without knowing the cause of death and Nigeria's population is majorly youths. The reason hundreds of thousands died in those countries is due to their aged population

  7. As you are congratulating them in their various administrative offices, please advise and beg them to perform for the masses. I hear there is a juju in Nigeria that changes good people as soon as they get to positions. So, Babajide and Ayo, please be fast tracking them to perform for the people they are meant to serve Oo πŸ™„πŸ€—πŸ˜

  8. Is people like you that are encouraging terrorists. Instead of you to call them their real name 'Terrorists ' you chose to call bandits. Why do you behave like this ,it's a shame.

  9. somebody needs to tell those guys to at least help the poor villagers by digging a bolthole so they can have clean drinking water. all this show of throwing money around as if they don't work hard for it money does not impress me at all. it is total nonsense. . they should create jobs so people can find employment.

  10. All of a sudden an igbo man buried his mother and it made the news on the negative front in TVC… na today them dey spray money?… allow pipo to enjoy their money. Same pipo the present government is frustrating… the igbo man will always survive.

  11. No matter the kind of war plane Nigeria fulani government buy , the most important thing is that Buhari and his co-fulani terrorist cattle government are not ready to fight the Fulani terrorist groups, bec, Buhari and his co-fulani terrorist cattle government are the ones sponsoring the killings in Nigeria, baba jide, tell the world and Nigerians the truth story on ground

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