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12 thoughts on “LIVE: Cook Co. officials give update on COVID delta variant”
  1. Australia has not been able to secure large quantities of vaccines. Consequently the Delta variant has shutdown Sydney and Melbourne right now. We are in lockdown trying to prevent death. You are so fortunate to have a choice, we have none.

  2. Man made virus, Man made bad vaccines. There is know other strain of virus They are lying about the numbers going up they just want more people to take that bad vaccines. Dont forget nobody know what in that bad vaccines and you cant sue the companies that made the bad vaccines So why will you take the bad vaccines or give it to your kids This all about the CDC, W.H.O, FDA, wanting to continually make money of the American goverment and have power at the same time. Oh yeah dont for get bill gate told everybody about the epidemic was coming in 2020 the problem with this is he talk about the virus in 2012 and Obama talk about this virus in 2014. How did they know about this Again Man made virus, Man made bad vaccines……

  3. Thank you for this update. In a time when we have been given misinformation, it is refreshing to have someone do their best to update you on the actual state of affairs. Thank you for your time, but like so many, due to the lack of testing, I request that many wait on taking the vaccine until it is fully vetted for safety.

  4. Thank you China for the wonderful viruses that you have spread all over the world. This is a testament that you have a care ..I love you China.

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