Meet Oliver – Introducing two cats to each other

Meet Oliver – Introducing two cats to each other

We just adopted a new cat!! See how we introduced our old cat with the new one. 🙂

Suzie, the mistress of the house, had a thing or two to say about this new intruder. She has been living alone for over 15 years.

Oliver, the new cat, had lived at the animal shelter for over 7 years. He was very sceptic and afraid of us in the beginning. He hissed when we came close and even attacked the food bowl with with his paw when we put it too close to him.

We wanted Suzie to have some company which is why we decided to adopt Oliver. He was veeeery used to other cats. Suzie…. not so much. 😮 Eventually they got along. The road getting there was both funny and very special 🙂 This was the best christmas present ever!!

I highly recommend that you consider adopting a rescue cat the next time you’re considering getting a companion. There are so many homeless animals out there waiting to find shelter with a loving family. Instead of producing new pets, why not take care of the homeless ones first, right? 🙂

I would like to thank all the kind people at “Dyrebeskyttelsen Norge, Bergen og Hordaland” for all their help and support. If you want to check out their website, click this link. (in Norwegian)


We got Oliver 04.11.2016. The filming of this video was done over a course of about six weeks. We took each step very gradually as the cats got comfortable.

This video was made with a Canon Powershot G7X camera.




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32 thoughts on “Meet Oliver – Introducing two cats to each other

  1. 7 yrs my heart brakes i just want to give all my love to all the cats well every pet in a few hours im picking up a cat to i already got her name tatiana…i found her on Craigslist her name original is sky…..i hope simba my other cat gets along im excited. ….

  2. Seriously wish it was this easy with my cats… I've had my new cat living in my bedroom for about a month now because otherwise my cat Soba will attack her. We've introduced them by scent, and by sight. Every day now I put the new cat in a carrier and let Soba stare at her from afar. Hoping if we keep this up I can stop sleeping with a litter box next to my bed… I have a baby due in a few months and I don't want the baby sleeping with a litterbox either. Not sure what to do. :/

  3. That fast they relly becames friends…. how many days bfore they cecame close? this my problem now…. i just adopted 1.5 to 2 years old cat… but my current cat i so aggressive to new cat… but if both of them are alone…. i can see my cat is trying to extend his paws to new cat… but i thinks its take more days for both to adjust

  4. I just adopted a senor 12 yrs old less than one week from a shelter. On the papers after I adopted her they wrote KILL DATE 2/2021. I do not want to disclose the day of the month. She is so sweet and I get kisses and head rubs from her. She loves to sleep on my chest and now I do not want to give her back. She is In my bedroom and my resident male 2 yr old is in living room. I just opened the door and she sneaked out and started to hiss and chase after my younger cat. She was aggressive and he was afraid of her. I do the food swap with locations. I swap rooms to allow each other to get used to smell. Can someone help here? She was homeless after her owners died and she had a scar. She was probably abused. Yet when I visited the shelter she was living in the colony room with 5 cats cage free and got along. How can I fix this problem without returning her?

  5. About how long did this take?!!! I just adopted a 7yr old male (Sox) & back doored 2 days later adopted another male Persian cat 4yrs old & declawed (Moochi)… Moochie is very defensive (I can understand he’s DECLAWED) I let them see eat other through glass. This is just day one so I pray it’ll work out! 💕 love them both

  6. Our two cats took quite awhile to get really close but it was beautiful to watch them grow together. That part took time and over the years Andy, (Maine Coon declawed) and Barney (gorgeous tabby, light as a feather with claws) had many funny fights. Barney the shy guy could hold his own. Andy used his weight and pouncing as a defense, Barney used his razor sharp claws when he had to. We have had great success with shelter pets. Our cat Barney had been in a shelter four years. During that time he was adopted and returned due to his shyness. Introducing him to another cat very soon after we got him was easy as he lived under our sofa for about 6 weeks and Andy was too big to fit under it. We insisted on giving Barney the space he needed. Andy came from a home with multiple cats and dogs but he was jealous of the new baby and the family had to give him up because he would pee on the baby clothes. We didn’t this problem with him. We got him before he went into the shelter. The two cats Andy and Barney became the best of buddies even though they had their squabbles over the years. Barney got over his shyness in time and was a great cat. Sadly Barney recently developed nasal cancer, which was originally thought to be a sinus infection, had to be euthanized because surgery would have meant only a very short remainder of his life and the quality of that life would not have been good. Now Andy is without his buddy but we are working on that because he has always lived with other pets. We will find him a pal at the shelter in memory or Barney. We miss him dearly. So many great pets are in shelters. They need good homes.

  7. I would love to see a timeline speaking to how long it took you to get to each step! What a beautiful story!

    Hubby and I adopted our resident cat 2 years ago and feel like it’s time to add another. This really inspired me that it’s the right decision, if done right. You guys were so thoughtful and patient. Which is the way it should be!

  8. Susie is so funny. And her basket, omw. I adopted a new kitten 7 weeks ago and I still have not introduced her to my other two cats, a brother and sister I’ve had since they were 24 hours old. They are about three years old. I’m worried that the boy cat will hurt this little girl; she’s very very friendly, that I have no doubt that she will go after them to play.

  9. Thank you both for adopting Oliver and taking the time to help him adjust. At his age and being in a shelter so long I imagine there was a lot of new things to get used to. You have made him a very happy cat. I read you have more cats now…that's great because you are so good with them.

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