20 thoughts on “Meet the cats fighting Chicago's rat problem

  1. Human's never seem to amaze me we have a rat problem lets let cats go to kill them and in 10 years we will have a cat and rat problem. They move out to other area's they mean the POOR area's

  2. I lived in baltimore, Maryland and those cats won't get close to those rats. I would sit in the second story row house with my girlfriend and watch the rats and they will run over your feet.

  3. "Ahahaha, like, now they just go to other peoples communities, ahahaha, we're doing good, ahahahaha, like, totally. Someone else's problems. We're not actually addressing the problem. Let someone else deal with it. Like totally." I hope other communities get there own ferrell cats that chase the rats back to your communities!!!!🤭🤫🤔

  4. Cats are great and persistent but in all truth the city would be far better off with minks. Mink have the ability to kill rats even in their burrows.

  5. This clown @ 1:15 is a joke. No, those cats are not hunting rats. What a bunch of wussies.

    It’s going to take real feral cats hunting for food to get ahead of this problem.

    Like a lot of people, if you put them on the dole, they will not have the incentive to work.

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