Mother Cat And Her Kittens Take In A New Family Member | The Dodo

Mother Cat And Her Kittens Take In A New Family Member | The Dodo

A terrified mother cat finally warms up to rescuers and takes in a stray kitten.

For updates on other rescues, follow Cats of San Bernardino on Facebook:, and Instagram: Special thanks to Tasha for fostering Michelin and her kittens, you can keep up with her other fosters on Instagram:

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40 thoughts on “Mother Cat And Her Kittens Take In A New Family Member | The Dodo

  1. Merely a case of mothering instincts and hormones making her more receptive to the kitten. Seen mother cats adopt and mother ducklings because of the same thing. Is it cute? Sure.

  2. It's reasons like this that I believe you have to be a complete moron to just open your doors and let your dogs go out. Any animal, for that matter. You don't know what's out there so don't take such an avoidable risk. It's not an accident if you do it on purpose.

  3. Don't ever pick up an adult cat like that again. Only kittens can be held by the scruff of the neck and that's not for long as their bodies develop.

  4. Tho its difficult to find some1 willing or wanting to take in a family of kittens separating them is sad, no matter how the adjust to being taken from their family to have a new loving family 😞

  5. Newborn kittens and puppies may not take to a bottle, but they can be fed, very patiently, with a plastic syringe (similar to how you give a child medication). I have saved several rejected newborns this way.

  6. White your all that I got to believe in when it comes to our animal's needed help and love 1. I hope your not lieing to me.

    God bless this mother and her kitten.

    Tear Drops its painful to see how the world is and it hurts to know if whites to help to saved them along with me then we are going to lose our beautiful animals that can bring us love and joy to our hearts and that's no lie.

    To a world that's filled with poison in there hearts.

    Love holds no color it simply comes from the heart.

    Treat these animals good and with love and care.


    Thank you to the person for saving her and her babies.

    Just remember this when you watch these video.

    Mother is still mother even if it's a cat or dog or any other animals.

    Praise jesus on that 1

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