Hospitalizations are on the rise in states with vaccination rates below the national average.

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By earmpy

38 thoughts on “New concerns over Delta variant l GMA”
  1. Well natural selection is coming soon and we will have fewer living republicans and a bunch of sick ones who can't work, I have no sympathy anymore, they were offered three different vaccines as a way out and made the choice not to use them.
    If you are too stupid to protect yourself and your family, then enjoy the results!
    They say we need about 70% vaccinated to achieve that blocking wall of herd immunity, almost no state has that but the more liberal states are very close, in the 60% range.
    Polls show 47% of republicans refuse to get vaccinated compared to 6% of democrats and 22% of independents. Got to understand not all independents are progressives, some lean right to libertarian.
    As for fully vaccinated Alabama 32%, Idaho 36%, Wyoming 35%, Louisiana 35%, Mississippi 30% and many conservative rural counties don't even make it to 20%.
    Governors in Florida and Texas have said much against vaccination and it has traveled to the less informed with the exception of San Antonio. The next virus wave is building in the USA and is a blow out in the UK right now.
    Get ready for fewer republican voters in the next midterm, dead people don't vote and they have made it hard for the sick to vote as they have screwed up mail in voting in largely republican states.
    While conservative state leadership strives to get their residents off of the tit of federal financial aid they are turning away help they certainly will need later as 1/2 their republican population suffers the effects of infection, worst hit will be the older and overweight.
    You would think they would have learned what happens in 2020 and fix it so they don't relive it in 2022.
    Anymore I would be fine with it but the infected can create worse bugs, bugs that could resist the vaccines that protect responsible people and they endanger people who for medical reasons can't get vaccinated.
    Get ready for a totally avoidable health and economic crash in the southeast united states and scattered flyover states of the west. Hopefully it won't be as bad as 2020 but we are dealing with an new variant that is twice as infective as the old one and just as lethal. Yup, natural selection, just like not preparing for a winter storm, people will die needlessly out of ignorance and stubbornness. The insurance industry is going to get hit hard if they cover the choice of un-vaccination outside of medical necessity. Can't believe this is America!

  2. .tnemnrevog citsinatas siht rednu sdnah gnorw eht ni yrtnuoc ruoy tup evah snacirema uoY. detaniccav teg ot elpoep hsur ot gnihtemos tnevni ot dah nerdlihc s'lived esehT

  3. Here’s a simple question I would like pro shutdown people. What should we do if another deadly virus starts going around now? Should we lock down the country, businesses, schools, travel, etc again for more than a year? If the answer is no, my follow up question is, why was it right to do it at all?

  4. Fauci actually said mask won't protect you…. Plus he was involved in the funding of the Wuhan lab… as well as involved in… Gain of function research…. do your own DD…. Only misguided people and ones that listened to Comcast owned news outlets fell for the Demonrat dooped Marxist Trojan horse propaganda play…your welcome my beloved fellow Americans…😉😉😉

  5. You notice they put all red states on the map, it's all political and fake news, those shots will kill you faster than covid.

  6. They are trying to scare the ones that would not take the frist covid shot. So hear we go again. Until everyone has the shot so they can control your minds it will keep going until we get the crazies out of control.

  7. If it really was that bad im sure I would have met someone by now who is sick or has gotten sick from Covid-19. Im just not seeing it..

  8. According to the data of the Ministry of Health, 6.6% more cases of disease in people who have just taken 2 doses of the preparation. It is interesting how this supposed delta is recognized, how antigen and PCR tests are unreliable and discredited. What will they scare us with in the fall?

  9. With this Delta variant, this winter could be horrible. 200 to 400 million Americans could die and 6 million around the world. The current pandemic could end in 2027 followed by 3 more pandemics.

  10. Brand New Tube, BitChute, Lbry, Odysee and Rumble have un cen sored Ne ws….videos on these platforms: plan demic parts 1 and 2. Crimes Against Humanity Reiner Fuellmich ….video: Catherine Austin Fits Planet Lockdown…..try Duck Duck Go as a search engine……mamm. org that stands for Millions Against Medical Mandates……it's about five g radi ation not a v irus …..Dr. Sherri Tenpenny, Dr. Carrie Madej, and Dr Rashid Buttar tell the truth about the v a x on Brand New Tube. C o m

  11. stop taking this vaccine bill gates invested millions into the vaccine before it started.. big pharma wants your body to make money

  12. I was going through pains while I contracted HSV2 and then I came across how Dr IGUDIA on YouTube used his medication to cure the sick and I decided to contact him and he actually cured me from my HSV2. You all can also contact him for help on any kind of disease on his YouTube channel

  13. Heads Up on LOCK-DOWNS: Adults ‘being grounded’ like teenagers bc they’re NOT BEHAVING in a way that keeps their self & others SAFE.

    This wouldn’t be the 1st Time God had to implement a PLAGUE to RE-Center Man-Kind of WHAT is IMPORTANT in “this life”. #Matthew6:24

    Clearly we’re DISSOLVING as a Species…Phones are SMARTER & TVs are THINNER than Humans today 🧐

    ** 1918: Spanish Flu DONE in 2yrs with NO VACCINE or TECHNOLOGY.
    ** 1920: Flapper Era = 9yrs of Prosperity.

    The “hidden treasure” of COVID is legit being missed. You hold a literal LIBRARY in the palm of your HAND.

    EVOLVE & start taking SELF-Accountability as to WHY this Pandemic continues to escalate…

    ** Are you giving 💯 to ensure NO ones BLOOD is on your hands? Bc this VACCINE IS NOT 100% EFFECTIVE.

    Start Your SHADOW WORK.
    # Mental Fragmentation
    It’s won’t go away no matter How BUSY or INTOXICATED you keep your mind. Namaste 🙏🏻


    This is The “Spiritual Great Flood” 🧿

  14. Michigan had 40 Covid out of 10 million people. For comparison during its peak we had 10,000 cases. Yet libtards are saying we are going to die lol

  15. Israel is reinstating mask mandates and some restrictions indoors because–APPARENTLY–the Pfizer shots are useless against the Delta variant. Israel has the highest Pfizer vaccination rate on the planet.

    What does that tell you about these "vaccines"??

  16. Unarmed citizens embolden criminal thugs. The first line of defense are armed citizens. It is our RIGHT as US Citizens!!!

    While the USA is number 1 in the world for firearms owned by citizens, the USA per capita, I repeat per capita ie; per 100,000 is number 20 in the world for firearms deaths.

    Further if you carve out “strong gun control” CA, NY, NJ, Chicago etc where criminals shoot people daily, the USA would have firearms deaths on par with any advanced European nation.

    NY (and NJ) unlawfully deny the citizens their RIGHT to self defense.

    The 2nd Amendment in The Bill of Rights to our US Constitution, GUARANTEES every US Citizen has a RIGHT TO KEEP (have) AND BEAR (carry) ARMS. Other wording in 2A “Militia” any able bodied male, service in a Militia is NOT a requirement, it is an Individual right (not collective), “Regulated” means equipped, in proper working order NOT gov rules “Shall not be infringed” means what it says. 14th Amendment guarantees equality!

    See DC v Heller, McDonald v Chicago

    The legislators, prosecutors and judges that enable the revolving “thug life” door, need to be removed from the tax payers salary rolls!

    Doing crime is a choice and must have long prison sentences, where the choice of a life of crime is a bad bet. Offenders re-offending is an epidemic!

    When (insert name) is arrested for the 3rd, 4th, 5th time, he is NEVER changing, it is what it is, lock him away forever or humanely give a sedative followed by a lethal injection.

    We have a thug problem not a gun (or knife) problem!

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