NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio holds his daily press conference as the city experiences a slight rise in cases despite high vaccination rates as the Delta variant continues to spread.

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By earmpy

22 thoughts on “NYC Mayor Holds Press Briefing As Delta Variant Causes Covid Cases To Creep Up”
  1. Crime at a forty five year high which means tourism is dead. 300k+ empty office spaces in NYC. The people are not coming back to work in them. NYC will never be the same after what De Blasio / Cuomo have done to it.

  2. 300k+ empty office spaces in NYC. They are not coming back and being filled again. Tourism is dead because of the crime rate. NYC is a dump.

  3. “Delta variant” is code for more money to big pharma/bill Gates/medical elite and more power to authoritarian governments.

  4. He’s so great. I think it’s really awesome that they have a sign language person in the corner AND SUBTITLES! How neat. And remember that time he ate the burger and fries?😂 he cares about gramma 🦠🦠🦠💉🧬

  5. Delta virus which is very dangerous & deadly spreading from India. Virus positive people in India pays doctors, health care workers, government officials, airports official pay bribes getting fake negative test results & getting on planes traveling around the world spreading the dangerous, deadly virus around the world. All flights from & to India must be banned

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