Our Shop Cat Gives Massages to Hardworking Employees || ViralHog

Our Shop Cat Gives Massages to Hardworking Employees || ViralHog

Occurred on April 26, 2021 / Sammamish, Washington, USA

“I am a groomer at the Wizard of Paws Pet Salon in Sammamish. Dorothy, one of our ‘shop cats’, loves taking care of our hard-working employees by providing the occasional massage. In this video, the recipient was Elle, one of our wonderful receptionists.”

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46 thoughts on “Our Shop Cat Gives Massages to Hardworking Employees || ViralHog

  1. Can we take a minute to honor the brilliant name of this place? It’s called The Wizard of Paws Salon and the cat’s name is Dorothy, for anyone who didn’t read the description 😉

  2. I'm afraid I must disenchant you: 😄 The cat is kneading, a natural impulse that kicks in when cats prepare to lie down somewhere. – basically a soothing method most kittens learned from their mother cats to get comfortable in their environment (also to stimulate the milk in mommy's teats at the time of breastfeeding). If that behaviour has a massaging effect, good for everybody involved, but your cat's real intentions aren't actually that selfless! 😄

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