Outdoor Cat Bothering My Indoor Cat!

Outdoor Cat Bothering My Indoor Cat!

Cats are all about territory, and making sure it is safe in their minds. Nothing bothers an indoor cat more than an outdoor cat coming up to the windows and doors. If you’ve noticed urine marking below your windows and doors…that’s probably the issue you are facing. What can you do? Start by watching this video!

0:00 Intro
0:45 Sofia’s Question
2:03 Keeping Kimi Sane
3:23 The Other Cat
4:53 Keep the Other Cat Out
7:02 Who is the Tortie? & Diplomacy
11:25 Wrap Up

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36 thoughts on “Outdoor Cat Bothering My Indoor Cat!

  1. My two Savannahs (F3) always go mad when my neighbor's dog comes into the backyard. Savannah's have outdoor and indoor enclosures. Both cats become very aggressive when they see the dog again, wanting to tear the Jack Russel in pieces. Sounds easy to fix, not actually. The neighbors do not want to fix their fence so that their dog cannot go to other gardens. Both cats are very sweet. Don't like it when stranger comes near sleep and play area, so yeah

  2. I'm adopting 2 tuxedo kittens soon and I've been watching this channel non-stop for the last 2-3 weeks, thank you so much Jackson I hope I make my new furbabies happy

  3. Great timing on this one for my needs atm! Cat from two houses down likes to come into my yard, on my fence and on my shed roof outside my cat's bedroom window.. the owners don't care and leave the poor thing out way too long. Might have to invest in the water sensor but hard to angle so it hits the top of my shed roof xD

    FeLV can be passed just from nose kissing, grooming, sneezes, human pats transferring fur from one cat to another, as well as biting/clawing. Not sure about FIV but FeLV got my last cat and it is a devastating disease.

  4. Sophia, my cat was flipped out about something outside. I dont think it was a cat. Prolly a skunk or possum. She freaked so much she knocked over everything in my living room. I eventually shut the blinds, so she'd stop

  5. a stray cat come to my home.. attacking my cats when they are out.. what i do is i spay the stray cat.. and slowly introduce him to my cats.. now they are living together with me harmoniously with my 27 others.. 😊

  6. We had a neighbor's cat tear a hole in our screen door. I would take my cat outside but be with her. The neighbor cat came over one time and tried to fight, she got my cat on the ground and towered over her, growling. I was so scared but my son came home and she backed off and ran away. After that she would come each day, growl at my cat and chew at the screen until she made a hole. We had to get a new screen. We got a steel screen and had those bar, decoration put on it so that cat could not get to it again. Our neighbor said their cat was mean. We never made a big deal out of it since the guy hired my son to work for him. I can imagine how much of a problem neighbor cats can be for some. We were planning to move anyway and I think it would have been a constant problem so I am glad we did and didn't need to think about it again.

  7. When my boy Gumball was becoming nervous of the neighbors outdoor cat spraying our trees, I started taking his urine and dumping it over that male's urine in the yard and the neighbors male started giving our yard a wider berth! And really helped calmed my indoor boy down a lot.

  8. Hello Jackson Galaxy, I have a question. We recently brought home a new furry family member just a few weeks ago, and he's a nosey rosey who likes getting into anything he can. I'm a resin artist and my work area is my desk, which he gets on whenever I am asleep or not in the room. Is there a way to keep him from constantly trying to get on my work area so he doesn't get into any resin projects I have going?

  9. My next door neighbors have been here longer than I have and their owned cat is about as close to feral as you can get without being feral. He staked his claim to my yard long before I moved in. One of my cats is highly territorial. Both of mine are indoor cats. BUT….I have a screened porch, which they love. It's their catio. But when Tough Cat comes into the yard, my territorial guy goes nuts, they both start screaming as if in a fugue state, and if I don't get them indoors, redirected aggression happens. My guys are very bonded and to see them become enemies would break my heart, especially since the non-territorial one is highly sensitive and I already have problems with peeing inappropriately with him. Believe me, my neighbors are not about to keep their cat indoors, nor am I about to confront them. So the only thing for me to do is set up a hose deterrent and keep my cats indoors when I know this (or other cats) are outside. It's so unfair, but there we are.

  10. Well, my outdoor kitties won't leave my porch and want to go inside and raid my trash. Lol. I let my cats be cats. They made my house clean. No little critters on site. 😀

  11. I love Jackson for all the knowledge of cats he brought for how to work with how God created them. Having said that nobody is perfect and the one thing he has missed thanks to our bizarre "save the world" mentality is that CATS WERE NOT CREATED TO BE CAGED. A nice cage called a house with all the catification and catios still trap a cat from expressing its heart… hunting. Not human operated unkillable toys but bugs, mice, rabbits, squirrels and so on. Just like humans are being brain washed into believing we'd be safer not going outside – puh! Live! That's what God created the earth for. Yes there's danger, but the biggest danger in life is not LIVING. Cats in windows (inside) LONG to go out, the cat on the outside desires the cat inside to come out. I've fed strays and owned many cats in 50 years. There is not one cat on the earth who doesn't lose something in their eyes by living in our well meaning but life dulling cages. You compare zoo animals to those living on the earth in their out in the open natural world, you'll see it in the eyes, zoo animals have lost something…I think called hope. Animals are survival instinctive… so they don't just lay down and die – though some have – but they cease to exist as they were meant and they know it. Just like wolves, mountain lions, bears, coyotes, even birds, they fight for territory and dominance… so yes they will get in fights, my six cats inside express who's boss from time to time still, you'll never convince me Jackson's cats don't do the same. So what's your goal to care for your cat as best as you can without interfering with the way God made her, or keeping her for yourself under the disguise of safety and telling the outside cat to take a hike? I'd rather my cats really LIVE a shorter life than be CAGED for 20 years to make ME happy. As for diseases and dangers of many kinds, this is LIFE Jackson. No risk, no life. Toys and shelves and scratchers are great and will encourage the cats to come home, but to keep them in for all the reasons you express is not irresponsible cat ownership, keeping them in is selfish and delusional… God said to care for the earth and it's creatures, but it's not up to us to police the world of people or to cage the animals in the name of safety or amusement. There's a balance and it's not indoor cats only with those that need to be caged. Cats serve a purpose, ask any farm owner… they catch mice and rodents and keep them under control. New York recruited cats back in the day to take care of excessive rodent issues. Then of course they complained about the cats… humans oy! If your going to be all natural you can't pick and choose what parts you apply. Cats who are indoor/ outdoor eat better, don't cost as much to amuse, and have cat Moo joo in spades. To each their own, but I will account to a very real God who created the universe, earth and everything in it, so He wrote the book on how to care for it all. I for one don't want to say "You God did it wrong so I kept Your creature safer." I trust Him, in life or death. For myself and my beloved feline family. I love them dearly and want to keep them safe, indeed, but not at the expense of their life behind the eyes soul. They were not created to be shelf potatoes chasing fake bugs or glass ornaments longing to break through… they were meant to risk and live, just like me. To each their own, but there's the truth.

  12. Hello Jackson. My story has a different aspect of this current video. Michael Bolton(named by my granddaughter) is our guard cat. He used to be an outdoor cat but, when he came to us, he is an indoor cat only. He growls occasionally at cats as they go through our yard. One evening I heard a loud noise at the front door. Michael went back into the main part of the house. I couldn't see anything. The next night there was an even louder bang. When I went to investigate I saw Michael was at to bottom of the steps outside. Then I looked down and there was a hole that had been made by him going out. The opening was fairly small and Michael is a big cat. I was able to bring him in by covering him with a coat. He was still angry as well as appearing ashamed of himself as the other cat was still there. He lost the fight. As a result of this we are only able to open are windows that he can access a little less than the size of his head. I am working on a solution to be able to open the widows, yet keep him safe. LOVE CATS!

  13. Hi Jackson, I have a question about my Miss Kitty.. She is a rescue from the streets of Riverside. She found me first. Thankfully she came to me already spayed by TNR. Here's the question: she doesnt know how to play because she is older and spent most her days outside. We moved away to Missouri and now she is an indoor only cat. She longs to be outside chasing bugs and squirrels. Do you have any tips on how to teach older rescue cats how to play??? Thanks, Michelle

  14. I used to take my cats out on a leash.. But i cannot now. The strays/neighbours cats come in to our yard. And now Barry has aggression. Anytime i try to bring him in from outside he attacks me.

  15. I've only ever had 2 kitty's outside my apartment and I've always found them homes within a day or 2. But my cat turns into a character from one of the demonic possession movies and just sits in the window making that growl sound 😆

  16. Jackson why do my 🐈‍⬛🐈‍⬛ Hate getting their collars changed? They zoom around the house until we put the old collar back on.
    Is it that their Mojo is in the old collar?

  17. I have 2 female 🐈‍⬛🐈‍⬛. They are indoor cats. Lately they love go out in the backyard that is very fenced in. We watch them very carefully but they are hoping catch a Robin, Cardinal or any bird which they have but we got the birds out of their jaws before the birds would get injured. No others cats are around. They look forward to going out pending the weather.

  18. My spayed female cat has multiple rotating male visitors spraying at the our front door almost every night . Our neighbourhood seems to be crawling with roaming collared male cats that aren't highly valued by their owners . My tuxedo rescue cat Baffi never gets outside but is obsessed with watching these interlopers if they appear during the daytime . We trapped and relocated one persistent male but the spraying continues by others . Spraying Lysol around the front entrance has been some deterrent . Is there a better or longer lasting scent we can use to put off these visitors ?

  19. I have 2 spayed cat. One of them always gets male attention. There are periods where male stray cats go after her 🙁 she is so scared so I keep her close. Sometimes I just scare those cats. I cannot neuter them because we believe it's the neighbors cat.

  20. Hi jackson, I don't know if you will see this but I recently had to put my cat down because he had cancer but now my other cats are acting very weird what are some suggestions that I should do to help my other cats?

  21. We have actually been doing the opposite with our strays. We have been trying to get them to spend more time in our yard. But that's due to the field across the street and with recent construction, have migrated mice, skunks, and other pesky rodents in our direction.
    And we have a gopher(s).

    However, my indoor furbaby is very social to other cats, and the strays seem curious about him, but not overly friendly. We built an inclosed awning off our back door, where they have interacted safely, thanks to the fact that there are slats and screens separating them.
    There in no way that I would allow my little Mustard outside freely, without one of us watching over him. My cat is just too friendly. I love him so much.

  22. We unfortunately have a injured orange cat around the house , we have 2 indoor outdoor cats and they both seems to go crazy when they see him , he's approached my girl cat and I saw he had a badly hurt face …calling the local animal shelter when I see him next try and gain trust so we can help and him not run 😔😔

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