Phone-Sized Kitten Turns Guy Into A Cat Person | The Dodo Little But Fierce

Phone-Sized Kitten Turns Guy Into A Cat Person | The Dodo Little But Fierce

When this tiny kitten was first rescued, his foster dad was NOT the biggest fan of cats. He didn’t expect to fall in love, but guess what happens next… 😻

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45 thoughts on “Phone-Sized Kitten Turns Guy Into A Cat Person | The Dodo Little But Fierce

  1. Something about kittens and facial hair, I swear!!! Once I started growing facial hair my newest kittens (now about 2 years old) were all over me, more so than the last kittens (about 7 years old) the love is still equal between me and all of the cats, but something about the facial hair man! They were all over my face, sleeping on it, trying to suckle, playing. So cute man. Love me some kittens 🥺

  2. I lost my beloved cat 5 months ago. The grief is so intense. I knew I wanted to adopt two new cats in the near future. Not exactly now, but maybe in six months. Well, I'm a catmom again in two weeks. 😂

  3. God BLESS Y'all taking that Sweet kitten baby in Sending Love and Prayers for y'all Healing from losing Lily🙏💓 I can tell she was one Beautiful Sweet Furbaby 💥🙏💓💓

  4. This video is soo moving.i used to have only dogs too but the last 2 years i been taking ❤ care of 5 litters im is been such a joy with the babies runing around getting at 4 am to eat and i been soo bless and they fill mt old heart with joy i can't imagine that because i always have dogs give a try with a baby 😺

  5. Back2Basic: I grew up learning how to control my hyper activeness MY Doberman was hard headed hyper and had to have thinga HIS way!, i don't know where he got it from"!!

  6. Maybe the dog died and came back as a cat?🤔 I’ve been watching a lot of nde videos and I’m thinking that’s totally possible!

  7. My dad : keep away that disgusting animal, i don't want him get inside..

    A week later.
    "Where the little jerk i get some fish and some toy"
    That night im shocked my dad sleep with the cat on top of his belly.
    While his hands keep peting the cat.


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