The Labour leader, Keir Starmer, said lax border policy was to blame for the spread of the Delta variant, first identified in India, and the four-week delay in ending England’s Covid restrictions. ‘While the NHS was vaccinating, the prime minister was vacillating,’ he said, referring to the two-week delay in placing India on the red list of countries. Johnson said the UK has among the strongest border policies in the world, and that the variant was already seeded across the globe

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By earmpy

50 thoughts on “PMQs: Johnson's 'vacillation' allowed Delta variant to enter UK, says Starmer”
  1. So if the vaccination numbers are so high and "effective" how come we have so many infected? Human testing will continue by the looks of many booster jabs are you planning? And how many variants? Till everyone will drop from side effects??

  2. Yea anyone with a peanut for a brain knows the "Ganges Plague" was imported into the UK but why were the Toxic infested superspreaders allowed to leave India & cause a second Pandemic in the UK this is why Multicultural mixing does not work & weak Govt with NO Home secretary & invisible border controls in place!

  3. Boris just loves india .I wonder why ? Was he ancestors from India ? Or any of his ex wives indian ? He was even willing to go to India when the virus was ravaging india .why boris ? U like biryani and chicken tikka masala so much ? 🧐

  4. In few months or so, people will definitely be kicking themselves in regrets for missing the opportunity to buy and invest in cryptocurrency..

  5. Even the lay man realised the border with India should have shutdown much much sooner…the trade delegation from India being allowed in was most short sighted. It seems the science is only followed when it suits the government agenda . Poor show risking the lives of the inhabitants of this country.

  6. HA! Definitely not the media's cover up at the beginning of the pandemic! That had no negative effect at all! It's all the conservatives' fault!

  7. Don't blame the government for the China Virus catastrophe, blame PETER DASZAK and the Lancet for misleading the west on China's Bio-chemical warfare experiments.

  8. Boris you are a BUMBLING fool filp flopping about saying this saying that , do this do that
    With no idea at all. BUMBLING JOHNSON IS YOU NAME

  9. I am very disappointed. Boris did not mention once that Covid is the most effective way to get rid of the people putting cycle lanes and smart motorways on our roads and clean air zones in our cities. Once these anarchists are gone we can feel safe again. This will save lives.

  10. Just another few week till July 19 just a couple of months till September just a few month till Christmas just a few months till Easter just till June again

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