Republican governors on July 4 called on unvaccinated residents in their states to get vaccinated against the coronavirus as the delta variant continued to spread. Read more: Subscribe to The Washington Post on YouTube:

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By earmpy

21 thoughts on “Republican governors urge vaccinations amid delta variant uptick”
  1. Where were you governors 6 months ago when the vaccine was released? Did you denounce fox "news" for their scare tactics? To little to late. This is on you that your constituents are not getting vaccinated.

  2. It is the Far Right who decided to Mislead People Regarding Vaccination, so now ,Half of the population Refuses to get Vaccinated. Not Only That, but the Virus Has Been Use to AgitateThe Public, and Manipulate them to Rise up in Arms

  3. You can bet the Washington Post will allow comments directed towards anything President DeSantis says.

    How about an article on the Pentagon awarding a man with massive ties to China and owner of this newspaper a 10 billion dollar contract? I'm sure the Pentagon wont mind that it will made up of Chinese parts.

  4. If you become injured or worse a suit cannot be filed again the vaccine manufacture(s), but, a suit could be filed against the Media and the Politicians that goaded you into it and lied about it's safety. They think we're too stupid to figure that out… Let's get the class actions suits ready !

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