Southeast Asia battling new COVID-19 surge as Delta variant wreaks havoc

동남아 변이 바이러스 범람 … 대도시 잇달아 봉쇄

Southeast Asia is battling a new surge in COVID-19 cases as regions there have been slammed by the faster spreading Delta variant.
Over the past few days, governments have reported record highs for new virus cases and deaths.
Indonesia, the region’s largest country, is now the worst-hit by coronavirus, reporting more than 38-thousand new cases for the second straight day on Friday.
The country, this week, also saw over one-thousand COVID-19 related deaths, its highest figure so far.
In neighboring Thailand, daily virus cases hovered between eight and nine-thousand, with hospital beds and medical supplies running short.
The Thai government on Friday announced tougher measures, including a seven-hour overnight curfew for its capital, Bangkok.

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2021-07-10, 12:00 (KST)