Several states are reimposing mask mandates and businesses are requiring vaccinations for employees as COVID cases rise among the unvaccinated. Omar Villafranca has the latest.

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By earmpy

32 thoughts on “States reimpose COVID-19 mandates to combat Delta variant”
  1. Fear-mongering at its finest. The Sheep Lord's are enjoying their power trip too much to ever let it die. New variants named after every letter in the Greek alphabet will come. Lies disguised as "statistics" will continue. They've seen they have a blind, weak public willing to be controlled, willing to easily give up rights and freedoms and logic and common sense, and they intend to use that momentum.

  2. What happened to my body my choice? Welcome to Biden’s Dictatorship America, I will not comply…

  3. First of all, we never got out of the first wave, the parent put kid in the corner, the kid themselves out, the parent just put them on a harsher punishment! Covid and delta(mom and dad) america(played the kid) in this horror movie! Smh!

  4. It's impossible to remove virus from the human body which is why folks who took the jab still get colds or as they called it "super spreader".

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  6. The world needs to step up to find peace instead of fighting a war that can’t end or won’t end I believe we can find that i truly do for all of us we need to work and come together as a whole not just a Community to step up to find the light at the end of the tunnel there are more stuff to come in the future that’s why we need to act now be prepared on what’s to come not fight or show our Dignity and
    show violence to one other and hate on each other we are all one we are no different from each other we are human beings life as we know is very rare until we find life we are one so prove that you can be stronger than ever and show one other you care and you don’t mean to hate and show violence violence will
    come to and end once and for all first we all need to come together to end this pandemic. God bless & stay safe love you all❤️

  7. Because “Safe and Effective”.
    It must of been all the Unvaccinated Trump Supporters that have overrun Los Angeles. It’s all their fault. /s
    Who else can’t stand the sight of Norah O’Donnel anymore?

  8. Look around people. Employers can’t find workers not due to covid but because people don’t want to work! Don’t believe me ASK!

    I do. Everywhere I go that’s short staffed. Do you have anyone out due to covid? NO. Not one business yet and I ask 5 a day probably. They can’t find people to work because nobody wants to work not due to covid!


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  10. Why don’t they talk about the rush of illegal immigrants that are not tested or vaccinated pouring into the US? Think that might be why there’s a new rise in covid?

  11. How about if you want to get the vaccine you get the vaccine. And, if you don't want the vaccine don't get the vaccine. This violation of our very basic freedoms from the government and companies is disgusting. What ever happened to personal choice? Did we forget this is America and not a communist regime like China?

  12. Just waiting for people to return to work. When gov stops handing out unemployment checks, then I will get vaccinated. This free vacation that everyone has been on for the last 16 months is absolute bullsh*t.

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