Stay Away From The Chateau – Cat Girl Manor (Dahvie Vanity)

Stay Away From The Chateau – Cat Girl Manor (Dahvie Vanity)

If you aspire to find a safe space to make friends in the modeling industry and learn about things in the kitten play community, the Chateau – Cat Girl Manor is NOT the place. It’s full of terrible people like Dahvie Vanity, who has hurt children as young as 10-years-old. It also is an alleged scam and so much more…

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  1. I never met Isi myself, but I did know of her and I had a lot of mutual friends. Things I heard about her always gave me a weird vibe. I'm involved in the lolita fashion community, which is not related to kink at all, and in fact it's a very sensitive topic for those who wear lolita, because we're often forced into kink spaces without our consent (for anyone who doesn't know). She shared her kink events on our private Facebook group which I thought was extremely inappropriate. I discussed my distaste about that with some of my friends, as well as the personal issues she'd had with one of my previous friends, and she actually blocked me on Facebook despite the fact that I never knew her. I'm glad this group is being exposed because they have been acting slimy and gross for years. My heart goes out to all of the people who were victimized by The actions of The Chateau and everyone associated. I'm so heartbroken that you all had to go through that.

  2. I do feel for these girls but I'm playing devils advocate. Did I understand a complaint about a private entity to be: Only feminine cis women are acceptable kittens but feminine cis men & androgynous men/women should be. Was that a demand to override personal preference? I felt for that young girl but this has to be said. If you go through life saying 'I can't say no' 'I kept the peace' 'I said nothing' 'we don't know how', that's a problem. Equality came in as I grew up. It never meant I abdicated to others, my job to protect myself. It's our job, with authorities if it's more than we can handle. Doing/saying nothing has never/will never be acceptable.

  3. I was involved with the chateau for a pretty long time, being one of the few POC of the chateau I was sexualized heavily. Whenever I went to events there were a few "gents" that would harass me no matter how many times I said "no" saying "I looked like I wanted it". That just scratched the surface of what I had to deal with within the Chateau. Not to mention the facade the Chateau tries to keep while hurting their models. The Chateau hired an underaged girl into a kittenplay kink mansion. I think there needs to be a serious reform for the Chateau to continue to exist.

  4. Thank you for this video. I hope it helps somebody. I hope the girls get together and press charges agaist their abuser for the first for they own justice. Then i hope the girls who is the victims gets the support they need. Finally i hope no one is going there❤️

  5. Alright, I've read most of the posts and watched most of the videos, and what I'm seeing is much worse than I expected.

    We've know Isi for years and met many of her people but have never been to the Chateau or Vampire Ball. Most of those we met seemed like great people, including Isi, Donald, Rene… but nobody in the scene ever seemed comfortable around Daniel or Christopher… serious creep vibes and generally unpleasant people.

    A few allegations have been made which seem false. I can see why people now regard the Chateau as a cult, but I'm not seeing much to support that, and zero to support allegations that it was ever a "brothel" and women were trafficked. From what I've been able to gather, Dahvie only visited the Chateau once, before the crimes he committed went public, and immediately thereafter was banned. As for making money from events, I'm estimating that the cost of hosting the annual Vampire Ball easily exceeds $10K. The $50 a person admission may have made some profit, but not a substantial amount. Aside from that, most of what else has been said seems solid.

    Aside from models not being paid and those stupid collars, the major complaint about Isi is her failure to adequately address and follow up on allegations that women were being targeted by predators.. especially that Christopher person… which eventually led to Isi being assaulted herself. Her negligence regarding these complaints is inexcusable. These girls all looked up to her as a leader, there to protect and help them… and she failed.

    However, it appears Daniel owns the Manor and runs the Chateau and events behind the scenes, enforcing rules, deciding who gets banned, and probably in control of all the finances as well. Isi seems more like a figurehead, blissfully acting out her fantasy lifestyle than some criminal mastermind. Respectfully, I believe a lot more attention needs to be focused on Daniel. While Isi was clearly negligent, Daniel presents as cold, calculated, and acted in a premeditated manner. If it was not for him, the Chateau would not exist, and known predators likely would have been immediately banned rather than given a free pass.

  6. My old roommate was a kitten there and just… Problematic is almost too nice of a word for her. She definitely tried to sell me on joining and I was seriously considering it at some point but then she went to the vampire ball and came back and described it to me and showed me pics and something about it just gave me a bad feeling so I stopped looking in to it. She was one of the girls that got shown on VICE and I think it really went to her head. She was definitely one of those girls trying to groom people in to joining.

  7. I was really depressed for awhile since I applied to modeling for them a few times, and never got accepted. I think it was definitely a sign.. I had brought up questions with some of the models and I felt like the main models would patch things up and make it look like a perfect place and the others were just being ‘dramatic’. I brought up red flags I thought I saw during one of their live streams on facebook to someone I thought was a friend. She had blocked me and some of the other girls as well, but they kept me in the group. After that live stream I hadn’t seen any more (though it could have been due to covid). I feel like I am one of the girls who just really wanted to be accepted, as many others do.

    I really appreciate you sharing this video and bringing awareness since so many kittenplay pages are ran by Issibelle, and so of course they are heavily monitored. Years ago a model told me of her experiences, she stated she was not allowed to due to the contracts. Which I think is ridiculous and why so many may have not come out with their stories.

    I hope this video blows up more, so people know to avoid this place. I think with them de-activating their main pages, I’m not sure of the next steps. I worry for models maybe not having a place to reach out with these groups and their website being deactivated. I hope they continue to share their stories, I think the main platform to be heard would be youtube. I’ve seen a few new videos of strong women coming forward. You are all so strong from what you’ve been through and so many are here for you <3

  8. I tried to expose this place ages ago with no luck. Someone from the chateau tried “getting me to join” and one of the questions he asked my partner at the time is if we were “open to sharing”. I felt immediately uncomfortable and was skeptical that was asked when all it would be doing was “parties and photos”. Im a retired sw and this was raising red flags. I’m glad it’s being talked about.

  9. I followed them for years and wished I could join, but throughout the years I noticed how white washed their community was which rubbed me the wrong way. Did NOT KNOW what was going on in the group!! Isibella gives kittens a bad name. Thanks for your research and upload.

  10. @repzilla just to clarify, the reason they said "come to me" and didn't go to police with that knowledge is because police do not take bdsm cases seriously. As soon as they hear "bdsm" or "kink", they write it off as a "sex thing gone wrong" so a lot of kink communities do Blacklists where they are able to let people know that the person is toxic and to avoid them.

    I've PERSONALLY seen it happen with people involved in kink. In kink/bdsm, there is a kink called consensual non-consensual which is exactly what it sounds like. I knew someone who was assaulted and she went to police. They talked to the guy and he was like "no, it was CNC. It's part of our kink." And the cops went back to her and asked her "do you and him do CNC?" and she said 'yes…but THIS time it wasn't that." And the cops had IMMEDIATELY changed their attitudes towards her when they found out about her sex life. And they never pressed charges. He was free to go. No record or anything.

    So a lot of communities take matters into their own hands. The police won't do anything, so a situation of the person getting blacklisted from events and people telling others their experiences is the second best thing.

  11. Can we not link kink shame and non consensual action, objectively, between non consulting parties. Stop assaulting a community, with a closed mind, before speaking on it. I would be more than happy to speak to you and give you a good understanding of BDSM culture.The community is terribly misrepresented in pop media. There is a difference between objectively horrible acts, and mutual and agreed upon consented action between 2 adults. You personally don’t have to like it but you should respect it.

  12. I went and I watched her video (I also subbed to her because why not!) and what she went through was absolutely horrific because every woman in power just let those creepy men do what they wanted and they knew what was going on.
    But even now that young girl finds it hard to see how much they (women in power) didn’t care about her which is really sad

  13. I adore pet play but this crap right here makes me feel like it cultist and dangerous thank you so much for covering this story. 🐢🖤🐢🖤🐢🖤🐢

  14. Ok like i know this video isn't directly about dahvie but how stupid is he he is living in Colorado didn't he have a record or a warrant for his arrest in Colorado… You are practically giving yourself up on a silver platter

  15. I find it so ironic that Isi says that the Chateau is different from the Playboy Mansion because the Chateau is not made for men & is a safe space for women….when in reality, they are one in the same. The Chateau has been proven to be made for men regardless due to ISI’s carelessness & allowance for creepy, predator men to infiltrate a place that is supposed to be safe for women. It’s disgusting.

  16. Things like this are always going to be stuff you want to stay away from. It's one thing putting yourself in highly degrading situations where you sexuality is the only thing that's wanted (basically sex trafficking) but the fact they are okay with these conditions and policies and have visitors into a "safe space"….. stupid.

  17. As someone who's in a bdsm relationship and lifestyle that includes pet play (kitten play) this is so dangerous. It's making a kink mainstream on a platform that primarily has minors. Minors should never participate in kink because it's illegal in most states and even if it's sfw kink is inherently nsfw and this is just dangerous
    Edit: there is also a BIG difference between ddlg and age regression, ddlg is kink, age regression is not kink and should never ever be sexualized and should be guided by a therapist

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