Stray Cat Lay Near a People's House, Freezing From the Cold

Stray Cat Lay Near a People's House, Freezing From the Cold

Stray Cat Lay Near a People’s House, Freezing From the Cold

People noticed an emaciated, fearful kitty who slept right in front of their house, curled up in a ball. It was cold, and the cat desperately needed comfort and warmth … People decided to report the guest to the Animal Friends Project rescue center. An employee named Carmen came right away for the kitty.

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36 thoughts on “Stray Cat Lay Near a People's House, Freezing From the Cold

  1. Carmen, thank you for rescuing Milly and giving her basics as bath, bed and food. She looked young, about 4 or 5 months old, do l hope she gets spayed, though l bet she would have nice kittens.

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  3. Milly looks almost exactly like my cat Orion same fur pattern, same place abd same color eyes except my cat is a boy very cute indeed I hope they help the other feral cats find homes too and it shouldn't matter on the age to be honest

  4. When you see something like this, what is the first thing you do. You give them shelter, take care of them never leave an animal alone when in need.

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