A two-week lockdown has been imposed in Sydney to contain an outbreak of the highly contagious COVID-19 Delta variant.
The new restrictions affect more than five million people in and around the Australian city. At least 80 cases have been reported so far. Most have been linked to a limousine driver who was infected while taking an international flight crew to a quarantine hotel. The country remains largely unvaccinated.
New South Wales Premier Gladys Berejiklian said:
“A few days ago I said this was the scariest time that I felt since the pandemic started and that’s proven to be the case. We should brace ourselves for more cases. We’re finding that all household contacts, unfortunately, are getting the virus. Transmissibility is at least double what previous variants have been, so we do need to brace ourselves for potentially larger number of cases in the following days, and that is why it’s so important we take action now.”

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By earmpy

42 thoughts on “Sydney Australia on lockdown over COVID Delta variant outbreak | DW News”
  1. Not accurate: Australia didn't just quarantine Aussies coming back home, Australia BANNED overseas Aussies coming home, making coming home an illegal thing that can face 5 year imprisonment ! It's inhumane ! No other nation has gone that far.

  2. I think this pandemic has taught people the importance of multiple streams of income, unfortunately having a job doesn't mean security rather having different investments is the real deal.

  3. It doesn’t matter how strict a nation screening is. The delta varian could have produced internally by a citizen. Remember that the virus mutated and become the delta. It is impossibly to stop a virus it will be part of human from now on

  4. I thought everyone is getting tested before, during and after the flight plus has to undergo quarantine for 2 weeks upon arrival.
    Isn't someone doing their job right?
    Seems like these variants pop up way too conveniently, once life is quite normal again, pop there you go another variant and back to no freedom.
    This thing is so staged it's so scary. What's their endgame plan here?

  5. Its funny how so many refer to Australia as "getting lucky" or carrying out "draconian" lockdowns, and yet those "draconian measures" are precisely why we've been so "lucky"!!! I guess intelligence can be part luck 😉 I couldn't be more supportive of our lockdowns, if anything, they've been too relaxed thanks to the pressures from the likes of Alan Joyce. And I say this as someone who's basically had my own business decimated by Covid, but it's an outcome I'd much rather! Businesses can be rebuilt, peoples parents, grandparents and lives can't.

  6. 19 million died from cancer in 2020. 3 million in 18 months from covid. You believe the lie if you want to. If lives were so precious the would of everything down and committed all our resources to curing cancer. Its all bs.

  7. the u k. is going to airdrop leaflets over Australian states which will give guidance on how to man up about external threats .

  8. Delta variant is coming……every society needs it old and vulnerable to get the vacc. The young are healthy and strong.
    Let me tell you something…..I have been to India , the country is so poor that i doubt that Modi will vaccinate 70% of its people. The rich get richer there……the poor are destitute.
    Covid will fester there and haunt everyone in the world.
    The rich countries have to quickly ramp up production of the vaccines and distribute cheaply or free to the poor countries to get rid of the variants.

  9. So lucky your government decide to lockdown the city. Indonesia hit serious situation because of this variant and there is no lockdown option for our country because of economic situation

  10. This man confused personality, two different factors mentioned as an issue 1) Government doesn't have sufficient supply 2) Many people are not willing to get vaccinated, Please first find the main issue if the problem occured because not having enough supply or on the hand, many people refusing to get vacinated because they are aware of the health risks associated with vacines.

  11. Sydney, Iran and Indonesia 🙄🙄🙄 why lockdown and carona cases rising, when vacines are available and sufficient supply. Are those vacines not effectively working against new delta viarant?

  12. Vaccination hesitancy can really destroy people lives as Australian suffers delta variants, either way your putting self at risk by exposing yourself to the variant.

  13. The circumstantial evidence is mounting up that some of these so-called 'variants' are actually products of 'gain-of-function' enhancements by the CCP, in order to keep the pandemic going, by targeting countries they view as 'critical adversaries'. Among the most obvious targets: Australia. Before dismissing this as a 'conspiracy theory', maybe DW should consider investigating this very plausible scenario. (?)

  14. Looks like WHO needs to declare emergency lockdown whole world immediately. Because still in clueless about effectiveness vaccine to this new virus or now we can call Covid 21.

  15. China and North Korea will be opening their borders to international travel before Australia. When will Australians get over their anti-vacc mentality, so the country can even begin to open up?

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