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By earmpy

29 thoughts on “The Barstool Yak with Big Cat & Co || Monday, June 14th, 2021”
  1. Why was it okay when I deposited over 6K to your book since you opened in Michigan but when I try to withdraw $300 from my balance now all of a sudden my accounts flagged that's pure trash I've had way better service on online offshore books in Hong Kong for Christ sakes fair warning to anyone that hasn't signed up yet and is thinking about it choose a different book barstool sports book is trash they miss grade your wagers and when you tell them with proof all they say is sorry and they'll get on it and it takes hours or even days for them to correct a wager it's unreal

  2. this has to be the stupidest moronic group of guys on a podcast possible…it says alot about myself that I listen to this riff raff… it looks like Brandon Walker and Sass hate each other and that at some point I feel like if they keep Sass around long enough he's going to go postal and shoot up barstool headquarters…just saying.

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