The Battle Cats – Enter King Gravolo!!

The Battle Cats – Enter King Gravolo!!


Table of Content
00:00 – Intro
00:48 – Improvement as Tanker Unit
03:03 – Improvement as Wave Unit
04:37 – Improvement as Melee Unit
06:34 – Closing Statement
08:32 – Cat Library Entry


Music used:
Battle! Galarian Legendary Birds (Remix Cover)

Stickerbush Symphony

Lofi Hip-Hop Battle Cats Radio


47 thoughts on “The Battle Cats – Enter King Gravolo!!

  1. Thank god, now I don't have to cry about getting this uber and praying for it to become amazing in tf. I just need to wait for 10.6 update in EN tho

  2. If gravolo gets talent, i would suggest:
    1. Poison/knockback immunity
    2. Move speed up (+10)
    3. Recharge up (-10s)
    4. Hp up
    5. Atk up
    But, knowing ponos they would probably add the infamous freeze/slow resist

  3. i personally think that the atack animation wasnt used well, he could have grabed the staff and just slam it into the ground insted but ponos go brrrrr

    Gravolo was my second uber and now it finally has a true form!!
    I can't wait to true form him and probably empress chronos too

  5. I feel like there is lore with the design it looks like his species are very big (hence the big wand/staff) but he was below average so instead use his strong tail to lift up the rock

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