You’ve been hearing a lot about the Delta variant — how bad is it, and what does it mean for you? And why are Delta “outbreaks” happening in highly vaccinated places like Israel?
Watch here for answers, and follow us to to really go down the rabbit hole…

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By earmpy

34 thoughts on “The Delta Variant Spreads Among the Vaccinated. Here's Why…”
  1. Demons do it all in pairs (dual reality – the black and white chess board) Master Mason 33 degree – 5th level satantist Trump flashes his MAGA HAT WHILE THE DELTA VARIANT ATTACKS!!! Will our former President have an investment in this?

  2. There is a very, very similar covid virus found in the bats in SE Asia… Bats have already identified carrying covid viruses.
    About vaccines: if you look at the cases in those that were fully vaccinated, it seems that there is higher rate among fully vaccinated, older people. However, when you look at when the data was carried out, (UK data) you realise that the statistics are skewing the result as it doesn't adjust the % of vaccination in each age group.
    In my understanding, Chinese vaccines are simply not effective, so people are getting covid DESPITE it, not because of it. Having said that, there might also be a temptation to cut corners in a rush to get Sinovac (and Sinopharm) vaccines to the poor countries before Astra-Zeneca: the price of the two are about the same and Astra-Zeneca also doesn't need more than a standard fridge/coolbox for storage and transport. The difference is that while Astra-Zeneca has had more than its fair share of criticism about blood clots (it turns out all the major vaccines have the same problem at similar rates, including rare heart infections), China has not been at all transparent about pitfalls of their vaccines. Vaccines seem to be very much about increasing economic and political power for China and Russia. The latter has donated more vaccines a road than the people ha e got shots in Russia (1-2%, if I remember correctly).
    Meanwhile, I suspect a level of herd immunity is reached in the major cities of India. We must remember though that only a fraction of infections are known and reported, so the graph is likely misleading as the virus spreads and ravages the provincial towns and countryside.

    Edit: I do agree that drug companies have also vested interest in pushing vaccines and boosters: invermectin is cheap so its use as prophylaxis and treatment is desirable.

  3. Boris in Britain just opened up the whole Country from July 19th no restrictions at all, despite doubling of cases every 9 days expected to triple to at least 100,000 a day, hospital admissions rising, deaths rising, but he says to expect more deaths and we should learn to live with it, these hospital admissions are now over 50% fully vaccinated and part vaccinated people, the unvaccinated are mainly younger people, not expected to die but still very seriously ill. The vaccines are not working. The British Government should be charged with crimes against Humanity!

  4. I wonder about the blood brain barrier being weakened by all the toxins we are dealing with, then putting these vaccines with mercury and aluminum in them and who knows what else. Does not feel safe unless you have a good immune system and digestive system.

  5. No worries, Biden setting up door to door vaccine program. The army getting ready to vaccinated every US citizen.
    Run people run.

  6. I remember a few weeks ago, people in india were making videos showing everyone going about life as normal. and saying no one was dropping dead from this new outbreak and it was a lie.

  7. Great work, as usual!

    For the India chart:
    Apart from temperature rises, there could be a humidy threshold for the virus to die rapidly.
    Another factor could simply be that people are being more careful as they have been warned more explicitly and simply don't want to die/get sick. Maybe new mask/lockdown laws, etc.

  8. Big problem with the false positives. Too many cycles still an issue. Need to ask what is detection number. Needs to 25 but not 40 as recommended then changed to greater or equal to 30.

  9. Doctors everywhere refuse to educate themselves on the facts that Dr. Fauci created the bio weapon at Wuhan–so they won't have to stand up and demand that Dr. Fauci be held accountable…proving that Doctors everywhere are just bootlickers for personal gain. FUCK YOUR SCIENCE and FUCK THE SCIENCE!

  10. Misrepresents the data: eg Israel – As most adult pop vaccinated, breakthroughs will be in that population – the infected unvaccinated were almost all children under 16. Outbreaks were only in a couple of locations where rates were high, so very concerning. Israel study show Pfizer decrease from around 95% to 70% efficacy for Delta. Similarly, Seychelles pop under 100K using raw number to compare with US figures extremely misleading. Its recent sudden increase of cases & 7 deaths of fully vaccinated people promoted the WHO to send a team to investigate… Either this was purposeful misrepresentation, negligent, or at best extremely poor knowledge of epidemiology.

  11. America has no decent healthcare system anyway. In the rest of the world, with a few of socialist exeptions maybe, healthcare suffered from neoliberal deregulation and privatization. People must be nuts to actually think crooked politicians and their presstitutes actually care about their health. Decades of shitty politics show the opposite. We live in a scripted reality.

  12. Been watching you since about Jan or Feb of 2020. Love your material! I am pretty sure you have saved my life at least once over maybe more than once! I loved you on Tim Pools show as well! I am glad you are back! All the best.

  13. Why is the production of hydroxychloroquine shut down? I know – they want us to die! We must DEMAND THAT THEY MAKE IT AVAILABLE AGAIN! This is bullshit!

  14. What's messed up about censorship is I don't know if I can trust my own research. If I search for negatives issues with a vaccine for example, I can't trust Google, Youtube, etc to show me all sides of the story. For all I know vaccines could be safe but I know enough about the censorship and how it's employed in countries like China to know how effectively information can be concealed.

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