The Great Mama Cat & Kittens Escape!

The Great Mama Cat & Kittens Escape!

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Our 2 year old VOKRA foster cat Hildy and her 2 week old kittens have finally settled down in their new nursing box location and are all doing fine. They were rescued a week or so ago from an underground parking lot in an enclosed bike storage area.


20 thoughts on “The Great Mama Cat & Kittens Escape!

  1. When I was a kid our cat had a litter of kittens. My dad wanted those kittens to stay in a box in our basement but mama cat didn't like that. Everytime my dad brought the kittens downstairs, she would bring them right back up into a closet upstairs. Dad tried putting up a gate on the stairs, but she jumped over it with the kittens in her mouth. We gave up eventually, we weren't going to win that one, mama cat was absolutely determined where she wanted her kittens to be.

  2. I trust the Momma's judgement. If its good for her, then she knows something I do not, instinctively. I have taken in litter after litter. And left the mother to the final say giving her 4-5 hideouts to choose from. And upon reviewing her choice, I saw the why clearly every time.
    It's not like I even gave birth even once. I trust the Mother/Feline instinct.
    I was allowed to inter act and hand raise them, right along side of her when she took a break from their education.
    I never had an unhappy kib.

  3. Oh and even if there's nothing wrong with the spot, momma cats will move their kittens from time to time, just to keep them safe from anyone who realizes where their den is.

  4. There's no over-head cover. Protection against predators and the weather is a natural instinct. It's also out of the line of sight from the door and windows, and it's dark. Cats also like to be warm, so being cuddled up and cozy is good for them.

  5. It's a natural instinct. Big cats in the wild move their babies when they are about 2-3 weeks old to protect them from predators. Cats do the same thing. Yes they are pets and inside, but that doesn't remove their natural instincts. She'll keep doing it. When my cat had her babies I made her a nesting box, and then I put a couple other beds that were safe for the kittens so they wouldn't fall out in 2 different closets. So when it came time for her to move them, she had somewhere she felt safe to move them. And she did, a couple times😂. Your cat and her babies are adorable 😻

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