The Kiffness – Alugalug Cat (International Symphonic Mashup)

In May 2021, I did a collab with a cat. And then people from all over the world joined in! 🌎 🎶

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Credits (in order of appearance):

Violin – Amanda Barbalho (Brazil)
Ukelele – Kryštov Hron (Czech Republic)
Flute – Aksinia Khomenko (Russia)
Vocals – Rachel Solomon (USA)
Low Whistle – Helena Androsova / @Eileen (Ukraine)
Guitar & Drums – Benjamin Gögele (Germany)

Video Credits (in order of appearance):

Alugalug Cat X The Kiffness:
Alugalug Cat X Kiffness X Violin:
Alugalug Cat X Kiffness X Violin X Ukelele:
Alugalug Cat X Kiffness X Flute:
Rachel Solomon Instagram Reel:
Alugalug Cat X The Kiffness X Benjamin Rocks:

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