The 'Pregnant' Cat That I Looked After For 45 Days Turned Out To Be Just Fat

The 'Pregnant' Cat That I Looked After For 45 Days Turned Out To Be Just Fat

The ‘pregnant’ stray cat that I looked after for 45 days turned out to be not pregnant at all. I learned the truth when I took her to vet in the end. She turned out to be just fat..

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– “Angeline The Baker” – Nat Keefe with The Bow Ties
– “Juneberry Junction” and “Si Señorita” – Chris Haugen
– “Everything Where it Needs to Be” – Nat Keefe & Hot Buttered Rum


21 thoughts on “The 'Pregnant' Cat That I Looked After For 45 Days Turned Out To Be Just Fat

  1. Hi everyone. Happy Eid to all our subscribers who celebrate the Ramadan Festival!
    I wasn't actually going to reveal the big twist in the title of the video; because I would have preferred it to be a shock to you too as it was for me. But some might have called it a clickbait 🙂 So instead, I decided to present the story with this version so that you could watch the story knowing how everything I had done since the very beginning was all wrong 🙂
    And the closing scene of the video is from February 2021. As you know, I am a little behind with my videos so in the coming weeks you'll see some incredibly cute snow videos from February 2021. And after those, we'll try to catch up with the present day..
    Until then, take care!

    Merhabalar. Herkesin Ramazan bayramı kutlu olsun!
    (Video ismi: 'Gebe' Sanıp 45 Gün Boyunca Baktığım Kedi Sadece Tombul Çıktı)
    Aslında videonun başlığında büyük sürprizi açıklamayacaktım. Çünkü benim yaşadığım şokun benzerini sizin de yaşamanızı tercih ederdim. Ama bazıları clickbait diyebilirdi 🙂 Bu yüzden hikâyeyi bu versiyonuyla sunmaya karar verdim. Bu sayede hikâyeyi izlerken en başından beri yaptığım her şeyin yanlış olduğunu bilerek izlemiş olacaksınız 🙂
    Bu arada videonun kapanış sahnesi Şubat 2021'e ait. Bildiğiniz üzere videolarda biraz geri kaldım; dolayısıyla önümüzdeki haftalarda Şubat ayına ait çok güzel kar videoları yükleyeceğim. Onları hallettikten sonra da güncele yetişmeye çalışacağız.
    O zamana dek kendinize iyi bakın! Tekrardan iyi bayramlar!

  2. It's a kitty heaven where special kitties are blessed to have their own kingdom and lives a beautiful life where is no sorrows only happiness and they welcome many adorable kitty friends and in that heaven they are loved by a kind hearted magician who vanishes all their worries and give them comfort ❤♥.

  3. My riding instructor had a cat like that. Everyone always asked the first time they met it when she was due.

    The instructor would always reply: “HE is not due, he’s just fat.”

  4. I'm confused – is it really snowing there? Or is this dated material you're just now putting out? Hello! Thank you for this – your menagerie grows! Be well …. Diana

  5. And we took in a cat during a sleet storm who had nipples but didn't look pregnant.
    We thought she had had kittens, and someone dumped her off.
    Turned out she was so, so skinny and starved she didn't look pregnant, but thanked us that very night with SIX kittens. I couldn't have been more surprised!

    We still have Kewpie and three of her kitten-cats. And two others are visiting 😻

  6. What a lovely little female tabby cat , she's such a sweetie , loved the way she followed you and Walter out on your walks , tail held high like that means she is very at ease and trusting of you , she seems very fond of Walter too , she reminds me so much of my little rescue female I called her Tibbie, Titbits, I rescued her from a hospital where I worked , it was undergoing extensive rebuilding due to concrete cancer 1962/1968 new build , she was covered in concrete dust , felt so sorry, for her in such a state , so she came home with me , FIV, positive , we had her nearly 6 years until the disease attacked her digestive system , her last days just eating strawberry yoghurt

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