When is the third wave of COVID-19 coming in India? What is the estimated time it will hit? Will the delta plus variant of corona be responsible for causing the third wave? I explain all the information and latest updates regarding coronavirus in India. I also explain the difference between variants of concern like beta, alpha and delta and variants of interest.

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0:00 Introduction
1:12 What are Variants of Concern?
2:48 Delta Variant Explained
4:53 Delta Variant Symptoms
5:36 Effectiveness of Vaccines
6:19 Delta Plus Variant in India
7:14 When will Third Wave come?
8:32 Lessons to learn from South Africa and Israel
10:09 Conclusion


By earmpy

48 thoughts on “Third Wave of Coronavirus | Delta Plus Variant in India | Dhruv Rathee”
  1. Can somebody please help ne out with your prediction that this covid third varriant i,e delta varriant which is yet to come will be the last and final varriant of covid-19 right ?

  2. Sir, how foolish teacher , you can be , do you not know, vaccine has not been tried on animals yet, you are not animals.

  3. ok…Be ready to welcome that . Welcome the Lock down….Welcome the growing unemployment…..welcome the terror by the media about covid 19…welcome thew growing income of the vaccine companies….media is helping them to earn more and more money by selling vaccines to the Govt…..otherwise how effective is the vaccine is known to the world…

  4. I don't think our country is worrying about 3rd wave,they are busy in conducting offline exams in August.. I can't understand why they are doing this🙂 please anybody raise your voice about universities

  5. I Including my all family members were infected by corona this year …in which my father died 😭🥺 He was polio infected person since his childhood and was not able to walk but and inspite of being raised in poverty he got a central government job and he taught us to learn he was our teacher too . without taking any rest after he came whole day from work..he was the best father of this world….I pray to Allah that May Allah stop this virus so that no one could suffer the lost of their loved ones….My father and those who died of corona are in heaven and we will meet them soon ….but please keep praying for the whole world 🌎 😭

  6. Druvv Rathee: Journalist, Medical Expert, Economist, Geopolitics Expert…
    Waah..No one can match ur intellectual level…Hatsoffff😂😂

  7. अगर मस्क लगाने से कोरोना नहीं फैलता तो कोरॉना कैसे फेल रहा है?
    और अगर लॉकडाउन लगाने से भी नहीं फैलता तो 3री लहर कैसे आयी? और अगर 3री लहर अाई तो फिर लॉकडॉउन लगा कर क्या उखाड़ लोगे?
    लोकडाउन तो बहाना है असली मकसद को छुपाना है🖕

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