MSNBC’s Craig Melvin is joined by Dr. Uche Blackstock, founder and CEO of Advancing Health Equity to discuss the spread of the highly contagious Covid-19 Delta variant.
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By earmpy

36 thoughts on “‘This Is The Worst And Scariest Variant Yet’: Dr. Uche Blackstock”
  1. I had 2 Moderna vaccines and I’m really disappointed as I am not magnetic. I hear a pole shift is coming could that possibly increase my magnetosphere area?

  2. Look my Dad just died of Covid from alpha variant. I'm not a good candidate for the vaccine. I am prone to getting blood clots. I have to go to DMV to get a full photo ID to be able to close out my Dad's affairs. Funny you can't sue if you get Covid or if the vaccine harms you. Huh?

  3. the best vaccines are the Chinese vaccines- – – Sinovac, Sinopharm, Cansino vax.

    no side effects, no deaths, not developed for profit, no crritical temp for storage reqmnts..traditional method, not the experimental mRNA, does not exagggerate efficacy claims

  4. What are the symptoms of this new variant ?
    I may have it if the symptoms are those of pneumonia. Very scary as it attacks the lungs and requires an oxygen mask to stay alive

  5. Moderna…fully vaccinated for months.
    NO major side effects whatsoever.
    I will never understand the hesitation of receiving vaccine.

  6. I am from India and seeing what happened here in the second wave,I have a suggestion for my fellow American friends – More than vaccines,oxygen cylinders(in emergency) or being close to lots of trees and nature will help save you,also exercise and meditation helps a lot too.Six members of my family living in cities were infected and one of them died(my grandfather).But I live in a jungle near the beach and here it was very less.Don't repeat the mistakes that we Indians did,I hope that you guys survive this wave,lots of love and greetings from India🙏🙏🙏

  7. Apparently the Delta variant has been detected all over sewage systems of the Republican State of Missouri.
    A low vaccination rate, hostility to masks, and a wide open State. Shouldn't be take long to find out how bad this variant is.

  8. Those who insist they will not get the vaccine should sign a form stating that, so their insurance company can refuse to pay their medical bills once they end up in Intensive Care.

  9. I think the Delta variant has an R0 of 7 ??? In the unvaccinated . The others have R0 of 2-3. Of course this number shifts depending on the environment and social norms of the infected.

  10. Good to see coverage of the Delta variant over in the US. It spreads like wild fire in unvaccinated areas. It's real and it's dangerous. We are going to continue masking and taking precautions for the foreseeable future. Remember, no vaccine gives 100% immunity.

  11. If only there was "a pill that we could give early, within days of being infected that would be effective against developing really severe symptoms of disease from coronavirus"! What is !νƐЯᄊƐϲτ!ŋ? (see bird-group dot org or flccc dot net)

  12. This really scary Delta variant originated in India where it caused a huge spike in new case counts and deaths. What I find extremely strange is that MSNBC and all the other news outlets just stopped reporting on India when new case counts started declining rapidly. What is not being reported is that, in certain regions that took an approach of using one particular medication (NOT hydroxychloroquine) a 97% plus decline in new case counts over a six week period was observed!

    India had a previous surge in mid September 2020 but, saw new case counts fall to less than 20% of the peak number by early February 2021 when the vaccination program had barely started. The fact that the state of Uttar Pradesh was distributing a medicine kit called ziverdo during that time period went largely unreported. Other areas that have apparently brought new case counts and deaths under control before vaccination programs got underway have gone largely unreported. It's as if these success stories don't exist.

    MSNBC chooses to highlight how "scary" this new variant is, the same variant that appears to have been mysteriously brought under control in India! The mystery can be unraveled by visiting the web site of the Front Line COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance (flccc dot net).

  13. Just in time for cities across the U.S. to open "back to normal." People traveling and gathering. We have a reunion coming up. People of all ages will be there who aren't vaccinated and don't wear masks. I am not going this year either. Maybe next year. Maybe.

  14. Get your shots 😂!!! The doctors and scientists knows what’s best for you 😂!!! Don’t understand why we would put a foreign object in your body but 👌🏿

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