Uni trying to understand about  new toy | Uni and Nami sister cats

Uni trying to understand about new toy | Uni and Nami sister cats

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You can get yours at https://petmyfamily.com/products/cat-wooden-toy-catching-mole-mouse

Uni and Nami Daily Life sub-channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC8UDxlVmbCHw0h3TtshJWDg

Catz Club Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/meow.catzclub/

Story of Uni: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vw9VrQ_KXh4
Story of Nami: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f-nLSA1yvH8




44 thoughts on “Uni trying to understand about new toy | Uni and Nami sister cats

  1. When I’ve had a down day, Uni and Nami know just how to make me smile! This had to be one of the absolute cutest and funniest videos yet! I was laughing my head off! Love you, Girls!!!

  2. Watching Uni move two of the pedals(?) at the same time–with her chin!–was amazing. Then she did it again! Whatta cat! Nami gave this one a bye!👹❣👹

  3. Uni is so intelligent. She figured out the relationship between pressing the levers and having the figures pop up. Nami skipped the levers and went right to the figures. The girls are intrigued by their new toy.

  4. Alright, Uni! I could see her experiment and think her way through the process! Success! Even got chew time in. Nami went straight to the chewing! We all have priorities, am I right?👹❣😼

  5. Très bien, mes chères demoiselles Uni et Nami. À présent, il faut que vous appreniez à travailler en équipe.

    All right, girls, my dear Uni and Nami. It is time for you to learn teamwork.

  6. You can see Uni just on the cusp of almost getting it, but not quite. Cats are terrible at putting together cause & effect relationships. A cat can watch you flip a light switch a thousand times without realizing the switch being flipped causes the light to turn on. Their brains just aren’t wired that way.

  7. I just finished listening to a blog about tuxedo kitties. Among their many attributes is a strong compliment to their intelligence. Watching these two very bright sisters figure out their world proves the point.

  8. Uni ur looking gorgeous and beautiful 😘 she is playing with the toy look adorable ❤️ Nami she is not interested to play she is super cutest and adorable 🥰😸

  9. I would have thought it would be Nami with the scientific mind but Uni was definitely
    studying cause and effect there. Just watched another video that stated tuxies are
    considered to be very smart cats. Well,…yeah.

  10. Uni has the right idea. Lean your head on the wooden pegs, & use your paws to get the pop-ups! Very smart kitty! I am sure Nami will watch & do that as well! Both are very intelligent, as well as beautiful! Love you girls! 🧡💛❤️💙💜💚🧡💛❤️💙💜💚

  11. I love Uni's inquisitive face. You can see her figuring this thing out. And if she can't, she'll chew it into submission, 🤣. Such beautiful, clever girls, ❤

  12. Omg omg her face her face. I can’t get over. Lololol. Funniest video ever! I’m dying when the blue one comes up and uni is staring like wait this one is different. Nami goes right for the kill. Uni is like what are these magical things. Lololol.

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