US delta and more long covid

US, Delta, 51.6%, 80.7% Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, Iowa

Zoe data

Positivity rate

Unvaccinated, 5.25%

One dose, 3.2%

Fully vaccinated, 0.99%

Tim Spector

Low levels of covid for a long time

Long covid

20s 1.2%

Middle aged, 4.7%

Proportions lower than 2nd wave

1 in 80 unvaccinated going into long covid

Currently, 500 people per day

Plus 200 than have been vaccinated

50,000 cases per day would result I 1,000 long covid per day

Last year 180,000 people with at least 3 months of symptoms


Socialise outside or in a well-ventilated area

Indoor and public transport, wear masks

Hand washing

Common curtesy


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