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Dr. Jonathan Javitt, NRX Pharmaceuticals CEO & Adjunct Professor at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, joins Yahoo Finance’s Alexis Christoforous to discuss the latest on the coronavirus pandemic, variants, and NRX Pharmaceuticals going public.
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By earmpy

36 thoughts on “US should be ‘very concerned’ as Delta variant spreads in Britain: Doctor”
  1. They won't let it end, only accelerate it. If the "crisis" ends they lose a lot of power n control. Some see it as heresy b/c make no mistake, this is postmodern secular progressive religion+"vaccine" is a dark sacrament

  2. Why is the US obsessed with masks, like somehow if people wear masks somehow they are immune for infection. It helps but it’s really not the most important factor.

  3. It's never going to stop !!!!!!
    The swamp variant is after the delta variant.
    Then get ready for the bay inlet variant….next will be the waterfall variant….bottom line…the rich need their toys and $$$$$$$$$$$.

    VZx and sickness
    bring and keep their profits
    Doctors got a job
    Hospitals and clinics keep a job…so folks…whatever the next patent in disease needs to be spread…….get ready!!!!!

  4. Take dewormer meds in case of serious covid symptoms as covid is a parasite. Invermextin: keep it on hand in case of Serious new lethal variants that vaccinations have no affect on. They are loosening restrictions too soon and will be sorry when the ugly more lethal more contagious variants are circulating.

  5. Vaccinations for children by Thanksgiving? They ate waiting too long. Delta and Kappa immune disease covid sars 19/20/21 variants are already here. Wouldn't surprise if lockdowns around Xmas or New Years due to asymptomatic carriers traveling on planes and within states.

  6. Keep eating masks the full vaccinations are Not foolproof. Public restrooms are especially contagious zone where infectious agent diarhea even fully vaccinated people can pass living covid in diarhea. Carry mouthwash in a little spray bottle spray it in the loo when entering and in stall before using public toilets.

  7. Our own government spews so much crap at us, that it difficult to take anything seriously anymore. This Delta variant may be real, or it may just be more horseshit so the Federal Reserve can continue to flood the markets with liquidity. Who can tell the difference?

  8. Too late we like covid mutate and it is figuring out the immune code. If you remember the old movie war games at the end where the computer was generating the launch codes that's what covid is doing and figuring out our immune code

  9. WARNING concern for US about the BRITAIN variant. BIDEN and JOHNSON meeting to open up travel between UK and USA . How stupid can a story line get. I suppose how much Bull…. you eat.

  10. I bring great news to everyone battling from any infection out there to worry no more, I was recently cured from HSV by Dr okosun on YouTube with his herbal medication, search Dr okosun on YouTube for for information 🌿

  11. Please start with call it by name Indian variant ….from all the activities by Ganges exported to U.K. and several other countries by travelling Indians in droves. In U.K. thousands of Indians travelled to India for weddings and holidays when others had to isolate…..Indians are left of the hook becuase of the big market ….they are allowed to break rules

  12. Aim: Money, profits, controlling and lining up the sheep into conformity matrix and dependence on the state for their income, food, security and even for their life…with a ominpresent killer virus, the ruling systems suddenly look great to seek refuge in by comparison of a lesser evil…training sheep to not only not prorest, but be grateful that system is saving them by taking care of them with vaccines which will be serial, perpetually new vaccines and boosters regularly and periodically for the foreseeable future…a future which seems like total amd full slavery guaranteed amd conformance with the rules and plans of the Care Taker

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