33 thoughts on “Video for Cats to Watch : Squirrels and Birds Extravaganza

  1. I'm rehaping a little kitten who was badly shaken by a dog, grip at back of neck. She and I are watching this video and she lifts her little head, moving it as she tracks the sound and movement, strengthening her neck. What better way.

  2. My cat and I love watching your videos in the evenings. She sits about 3 inches from the screen and enjoys pawing at the squirrel's eyes, and I just generally love birds and nature.

  3. My cat is pissed that there are no birds. She looked behind the screen, then looked back at me with a "are you kidding me?" look.

    I decided to combine the video with her favorite toy – a bundle of feathers on a string. The sight of birds and the sound gets her in the zone, and then I wave the toy around and she goes crazy for it.

  4. this always bewilders my cat. everytime the squirrel runs off into the background shes darting behind my phone trying to find it, its so cute but it feels mean sometimes too lol

  5. My cat is pretty much disinterested in most “Cat Videos”. However he absolutely loves the ones on your channel! I am working from home (due to CoronaVirus) and these videos keep my cat KoKo entertained and off my work desk (aka the dining room table). Thank you so much for your videos!

  6. It took my cat about 5 minutes of looking and touching the screen before she realized it was fake lol my other cat is just to dam smart knows it's not real

  7. Can't believe I would use my new gaming laptop for that. The best part for my cat is when the squirrel comes around. Up to 20 minutes of peaceful/angry stare. However he doesn't like ducks, I have to skip this scene, haha. It's amazing to watch your cat and identify its likings, another aspect of their character.

  8. Thank you Paul… 🙊 Thanks to your videos I NEEDED TO BUY MY CAT HIS OWN SMARTPHONE… since I've shown him some of your videos on my phone, he became instantly addicted. Every time I was doing something on my phone he would try to quite violently take the phone from me. It became so annoying that I've finally gave up and bought him a cheap used one, just to save my hands from being bitten 🤣 your movies (and Peppa for some strange reason) are his absolute favourites and he is very grateful for you work 😁

  9. Almost everyday I turn on this video for my cat, sometimes on my phone sometimes on TV. Everytime he watches this, he looks birds calmly but when squirrel comes, he suddenly attacks the screen and looks behind it.

  10. These are wonderful. My once very active, stay out day and night monster is now an old homebody. I was desperate to find entertainment for him as he no longer goes out and has no interest in toys or games. These are perfect!! He stares at the screen for hours, makes his little hunting calls, and eventually curls into sleep to the sound of birds and nature, just like he used to do when he spent his days outdoors.🐈🐈🐈💓💓💓 I also find the noises very soothing. Thank you!

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