Videos and Sounds for Cats : Garden Birds Extravaganza

Videos and Sounds for Cats : Garden Birds Extravaganza

Videos and Sounds for Cats : Garden Birds Extravaganza

Video Produced by Paul Dinning – Wildlife in Cornwall

Filmed in 2016


42 thoughts on “Videos and Sounds for Cats : Garden Birds Extravaganza

  1. I had a 3 yo cat that passed away very suddenly recently, my 13 yo cat has been looking for her every day, but when I turn this on his eyes light up, his ears perk, and he hunches down, purrs galore; thank you for keeping my old man company ❤️

  2. Birds are wonderful creations on the Earth.Its singing, movements,sounds and playing movements are attractive.These movement actions are cures many Mental and physical Diseaces without Medicine.UJRReddy.

  3. What kind of birds are the red and black finch-looking ones? My cat got really into this for a while, and kept attacking my phone. Then she appeared to pout and turn away from it because she couldn't catch them.

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