32 thoughts on “Videos for Cats to Watch – 8 Hour Bird Bonanza

  1. We just rescued a kitten and she was VERY interested in the video. She can barely meow yet so she silently meowed when I took my phone away and then went to pout on the other side of the room 😂

  2. I love putting this video on for my 2 furbabies. I don't have a garden so i end up watching it with them. My partner thinks I'm crazy sitting watching the birds on tv. I think he's the crazy one for not joining in with us! 🤪😁💖

  3. Awww…. my cat literally watched this… pounced at the screen… stared for 30 min den laid down and went to sleep… when I turn it off she wakes up 😂😂

  4. My cats watched laying on my bed for hrs they killed my tablet lol when I came back from running errands they hadn't moved one is a 14 yr old tortie she loves it i have to charge the tablet every night lol

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