The more transmissible Delta COVID-19 variant has delayed reopening plans in the United Kingdom and raised concern in Canada, as cases have been identified in all 10 provinces and one territory.

The Delta variant or B.1.617.2 sub-lineage, which was first discovered in India late last year, was recently classified as a variant of concern in Canada. The first cases were detected in the country back in April and have since been rising.

As Eric Sorensen reports, some British researchers say the variant symptoms are looking like a “bad flu” in younger people, with the number one symptom being headache.

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16 thoughts on “What are the symptoms of the Delta COVID-19 variant?”
  1. “In an attempt to sway this younger demographic, public health officials warn that without more people getting jabbed, more mutations of the virus may emerge. What they fail to mention is that the injections themselves may also trigger viral mutations, in a well-documented phenomenon known as vax “escape.”

  2. Look! We are a nation of self! Me myself and I so it's a miracle we had
    this many people took vaccines. We don't care about others especially
    passing COVID to our children and the sick. That's our Christian way!
    Wait… that doesn't sound right. I thought as a Christian nation, we
    should think of others 1st as the foundation of our country? Aye… this
    will never end until we (you fill in the blank).

  3. Covid 19 virus seems like a cancer that they are trying to mutate and created a defensive mechanism to resist the potency of the vaccine to destroy it. Covid 19 creates more additional armaments to combat and strengthen its defense while living in human host. It will grow aggressively and multiply in order to survive and overpower the antibodies produced by our body or any other support of medications. I think we must keenly identify the primary components of the Covid 19 virus and how to destroy it instantly in order to prevent it from creating more new defense armaments that would be easy for us to eliminate the incoming new variants and create some sentinel medications to eliminate the primary structure of Covid 19 from producing much fierce variants.

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