What the honk! We got called cat puppies!!!

What the honk! We got called cat puppies!!!

This past weekend we had a really cool guy (who loves animals!) come to the house. Jim from Radon Removal http://radonremovalnj.com/ who absolutely fell in love meeting the cats. I’m not sure who his favorite was (hmmmm maybe Stache?) but it was an absolute treat to get his reaction on camera!

The treats Jim was feeding Dexter and Bindi are Hartz Pets SqueezeUps and can be found here:


Later, Teddy started honking up a storm when he wanted me to untangle one of his toys. And you get to see Dexter, Stache, and Bindi do their very best to be adorable as usual.


Did you know many people often ask if Oriental Shorthairs are related to dogs?!?! Maybe because they love to fetch, come when called or even have some dog-like tendencies.

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39 thoughts on “What the honk! We got called cat puppies!!!

  1. bahaha lol they are like 'excuuuuse me did you just insult us'. So cute, most of cats were very much scaredy but my cat is a regular old European short hair Czech farm cat. I got him as a kitten and he is just like this. When people come up to him in my apartment he is all over them. He's so affectionate. He even walks on a leash and wears jackets. Also although my cat is quite quiet which I actually like because we travel a lot on metro, tram bus etc and he will be taking a long flight with me so it's nice he is very quiet BUT he talks. My cat will not honk but he responds like teddy when I speak he talks back

  2. Stash is special, but I can tell Teddy is momma's boy. He really is a sweet good boy; I love the honks. Sounds like my Pepper cat when it doesn't get his way, he goes heh!!

  3. OMG how lucky is he to be able to say hello to your cats. I’m cat crazy, can’t get enough of my own cat Holly. Yet your Teddy simply sings to my soul. I just want to give him a kiss so bad.

  4. That little spat between Dex and Stache reminded me of a scene from the show "Dexter", where Sgt. Doakes confronts Dexter and Dexter casually head butts Doakes and walks away, causing Doakes to flip out and look like the bad guy.

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