Just over a year ago, the Coronavirus made the world shut down and brought death and despair.
Now there are vaccines – and many countries where people have been inoculated. More than half the population in the worst-hit country, the US. In Britain, it’s even two-thirds.
After more than a year of COVID-19, we’ve become familiar with complex medical terminology and difficult virological concepts. But we also realize it’s not going away that easily.
Britain and the US are having trouble convincing more people to get vaccinated; the new Delta variant is spreading rapidly. Vast regions, like Africa, still lack vaccines. In Australia, where several cities are re-introducing restrictions to try to contain new COVID-19 clusters, some linked to the Delta variant. Sydney and Darwin have begun new lockdowns, while other cities are re-introducing mask wearing. Only 5 percent of the population in Australia has been fully vaccinated.
So is it really time to celebrate?

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By earmpy

50 thoughts on “What we know and don't know about the coronavirus | COVID-19 Special”
  1. Lol are letting dwn are guard? Lol 🤦 if tou have to ask? I guess we can only find out. Survival of the fittest. Natural selection.

  2. I'm getting vaccinated Saturday first dose and they told me I need to wait 20 days for second dose, I have both appointments booked. I know people who have the vaccine shots and they have a card as proof, that wouldn't surprise if they start telling people who are not vaccinated to stay home, in other words no vaccine no service. I see them doing that to control the numbers of this variant covid so they don't fill hospitals up and governor's have to close states down again.

  3. It's just yet another wave waiting to happen. The Spanish flu pandemic took 3 years to contain, even with the strict containment conditions in place.

  4. The most effective country to contain Covid was China, but they broke basic human rights rules. so with our modern convictions we will have this disease forever. There just isnt a perfect way get rid of it

  5. Where did all the regular flu cases go? Seems we have completely eradicated all flu stains besides covid. We are amazing! Keep up the great work!

  6. I know that they were trying to develop a vaccine for SARS and failed, then we have an outbreak of a form of the virus (that we still cannot trace back to its origin) in a city with a laboratory that studies said virus. They couldn't develop a vaccine for SARS and they manage to do it in 6 months for covid19?

  7. Heart wrenching to watch this from Latin America. No sense here at all that this nightmare is about to end. We really live in two different planets. ""Spots in the world"–we're talking a whole freaking continent.

  8. The Q is is this virus human made ? is it happen by mistake or in purpose ? is it the only people knows what the virus contains who made it …is it true the only people who made the vaccin know what the vaccine contains …is the war start with virus between super powers ….these Qs in the mind of people wants answers …the talk you have now not new people know what you talking about already …any body answer the Qs

  9. Most Americans would not be able to tolerate the intelligent and scientific information presented on DW, they would be bored and put off there are no politics in your programming.

  10. We are definitely not getting to normal, we just got lockdown level 4 !!! No Vaccinations over weekend 😬👀, South African government has no money to pay health care workers over weekends I, 54 yrs, just registered and received a confirmation for vaccination!!! What's happening in Europe + America ( N & S) is really going to be know in their hight of winter!!!! COVIOD 19 is hear to stay a long time!!!

  11. Covid had no affect on myself, actually it was the best 18 months. Relaxing' getting paid to do half the work. Never saw any sick people. Not even someone with a head cold.

  12. the lesson being that we are definitely not god's most favorite children. god might have some other children of whom we know nothing somewhere further away from this planet who did not wrong him in any way thus far so to have such constant various pestilence plague them as per the lord's almighty divine will.

  13. I honestly thought western people were smarter than eastern people because there are many uneducated people in Asia. But it turned out that I was wrong. I came to conclusion that ignorance is not based on education level, but more to human nature. We humans don't like to be told what to do, esp if it curbs our freedom to do things we like. So great job to humanity for keeping covid19 safe and sound.

    In my country, people are even more ignorant. They blamed the government although the government had already forbidden them to travel in big masses. They even threw the blame on the Chinese, the Asian Indian, the western tourists. They also think that covid19 news are massively exaggerated beyond proportion, and that covid19 is a very light non-lethal disease. "It's just a FLU", they say. I honestly don't feel like reading comments from the local netizens…. I can only hope natural selection does its job quickly. Humanity won't survive if ignorance prevails.

  14. This news outlet is also loaded. It said just over a year ago the crona vrus has caused the world to shut down. NOPE. Rich billionaires caused us to shut down to induce panick & fear in order to push a 100 billion trillion dollar experimental, unapproved, dangerous drug initiative. Ugggh.. this is just another jab promoting upchuck fest 🤮

  15. Just over a year ago, the Coronavirus made the world shut down and brought death and despair.

    Now there are vaccines that are doing exactly the same thing…

  16. Why people without mask is a big issue now? Like people forgot that is the normal way to live… the brainwashing media is awful…

  17. If the people with underlying health issues had been the only ones isolated in the beginning then there would have been no reason for a lockdown.

  18. Yes. Letting down our guard too soon. Delta virus will have its way especially for the unvaccinated. Sad for those who refuse to be vaccinated.

  19. What kind of silly scare-mongery channel this. Every time i click it it pours out some unsubstantiated emotionally charged scare using "we mean good for you" language.

  20. I’m in South Africa… The Delta spreads faster and definitely much more contagious! Our deaths have doubled compared to the last wave and we have already reached the max daily infections compared to our last wave.

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