A new, highly transmissible strain of Covid is emerging across the United States, and it’s particularly dangerous for the young and unvaccinated. Dr. Uché Blackstock joins American Voices with Alicia Menendez to share how to protect yourself against the Delta variant.  » Subscribe to MSNBC: http://on.msnbc.com/SubscribeTomsnbc

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What You Need To Know About The Delta Variant of Covid-19


By earmpy

28 thoughts on “What You Need To Know About The Delta Variant of Covid-19”
  1. Can't wait for you guinea pigs to hear that late night commercial talkin bout … "Did you or someone you love take the experimental gene therapy jab that fd you up? Well… To bad becasue you're an ugulate"

  2. Does anyone give consideration that Covid could be mild and tame compared to some really horrible stuff the CCP is working on?
    I can easily see the CCP with a massive bio weapon that they only have a vaccine for.

  3. What you need to know about the Delata Variant… just another way they are trying to scare us into taking the experimental jab! Ivermectin saved the people of India and Mexicao City and millions of others around the world. Get ivermectin and relax!!!

  4. It's hard to believe when I saw my test results turned negative of HSV2 after using the herbal medications I got from Dr. IGUDIA, A great doctor who I came across on YouTube. You all can also contact him for help on any kind of disease on his YouTube channel

  5. Right, it's not enough for scientists and doctors to tell us to take the vaccine, we need influencers that have NO KNOWLEDGE WHATSOEVER about how vaccines work to tell us. Survival of the fittest I suppose.

  6. I would rather sit at home 6 more months than die from the next mutation. Good luck to everybody who took the "vaccine" , It will protect you couple more months and then have the opposite effect, cause you cant update it.

  7. Since the start of 2021, China has sent vaccines to over 100 countries.

    Six months into 2021, the US is only now sending expiring J&J vaccines that Americans refused; to Mexico.

    "Thank you to all the Antivaxxers in America. The people of the world would not have these vaccines if it wasn't

    for your commitment to believing what the dumbest guy in medical school had written on Facebook." – T.Noah.

  8. New Zealand followed the WHO simple 3 point plan resulting in 26 Covid deaths; the last in August 2020.

    US mocked the WHO simple 3 point plan resulting in 617,188 Covid deaths with 400 more each day.

    The WHO confirmed to the world that Covid was NOT made in a lab. STOP BLAMING CHINA.

  9. How many folks do you know of that truly died of covid though!?
    >250 people die every day on US roads and highways from drivers texting while driving alone.

    Why is there not a multi $billion ad campaign in our faces 24/7 to address that preventable crisis, since big gov loves us so very much?

  10. Got vaccinated in March/April (2 dose vaccine). Found out pregnant last night. DID NOT Impact my fertility .
    Coworker didn’t get vaccinated because she was afraid she wouldn’t be able to get pregnant and was trying. Now she’s pregnant and at really high risk if she gets sick-
    Tired of the fear mongering anti vaxers..

  11. Seems like there are going to be an endless stream of variants in the future now that everyone who were vaxed have lost their natural immunity and forever dependent on the drug makers latest vaccines of the month. Captive customers for life. More money more money more money. This has saved those companies from ever going bankrupt since their synthetic drug business was tanking with low ROI and crushing expenses from regulatory testing.

  12. Well This something people should read … Why is it that no one is talking anymore about India (Delta variant) in mainstream media??? Well it seems that the narrative is not good anymore. 97% decrease on case due to what?? Ivermectin

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