On May 31, 2021, WHO assigned a new set of names for different SARS-CoV-2 variants using Greek alphabets. These names have been assigned to those variants that have been identified as ‘variants of interest’ or ‘variants of concern’. The variants documented in India, B.1.617.1 and B1.617.2 have been named Kappa and Delta respectively.

New names for other variants of concern are:

. B.1.1.7 variant documented in the UK is now called the Alpha variant

. B.1.351 variant documented in South Africa is termed as Beta Variant

. P.1 variant documented in Brazil is termed as Gamma variant

An expert group consisting of nomenclature and virus taxonomic experts, researchers, and national authorities were consulted for these names. Earlier, media outlets and people often misreport these variants by the places where they are detected. This can lead to the stigmatization and discrimination of that particular region, WHO said. It encourages national authorities, media outlets, and others to adopt these new names. India had earlier objected to calling the B.1.61.2 as the Indian variant in media reports.


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6 thoughts on “WHO name COVID-19 variants first found in India as 'Delta' and 'Kappa'”
  1. Next up, it'll be forbidden to have travelbans to certain regions because of discrimination against the people from those regions… Geesh, how stupid can they be. It's almost like they're actively trying to make it harder for anyone to understand how the virus is mutating. I'll obviously be more worried about a Brittish variant then an Indian one, with Britain both being closer and more representative of my own climate. That's information I, and everyone else should know.

    Also quite ironic that they're only comming up with this now, after over a year of silence over location based naming, for any variant of the virus, with the exceptiong being that China shouldn't be asiciated with it…. SMH

  2. What about naming it Chinese virus or wuhan virus or biological war of China on world economy

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