In Britain, the new Delta variant of Covid-19 is still being spoken of as the Indian variant by people and within the British media. The virus wave has unleashed a wave of prejudice against Indians in Britain. The government declared some South Asian-heavy areas in Britain ‘red zones’ after early reports of a concentration of the virus in these areas. But it soon found that the virus is not confined just to Indian areas. Watch the video to know more.
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By earmpy

30 thoughts on “Why Indians Are Facing Racism In UK As Delta Variant Of Covid-19 Spreads”
  1. Well it doesn't matter.
    They are not Indians anymore and whatever they are facing has nothing to do with us.

    Indians are in India and and the UK ppl cannot touch us here 🤷‍♂️

  2. THANK god we sri lankans closed to british and europeans….indian should do the same. I feel indian authorithies always bend over westerners

    Now the truth has come to the bottom. The evidence is finally found. It is time to acknowledge China’s innocence. No matter how busy, please take a minute, move your fingers to forward this video to let more Chinese people know.

    The latest research findings from Japan’s Kawasaki Biodata Company:

    The results show that the viruses from Taiwan, US, Japan etc. are independent.

    The new Coronavirus spreading elsewhere in the world is completely different from the virus in Wuhan. It can further prove the stigmatization of China’s virus charges.

    A paper published by a researcher from Japan Kawasaki Biodata Corporation.
    showed, through the analysis of 48 almost complete viral genome sequences the independent introduction of the virus that has now infected Taiwan, US and Japan.

    The widespread Coronavirus in Wuhan is different from other parts of the world. The virus in those areas is not a direct descendant (mutant) of the virus found in Wuhan; that is to say the widespread abroad has nothing to do with Wuhan.
    The paper also specifically emphasizes that the Coronavirus gene found in Chicago in the United States contains two different viral genomes one of which the oldest strain of the Coronavirus was discovered. In other words, the virus in Chicago existed earlier than Wuhan.

    Japan claims the virus at the Hua Nan Seafood Market was imported from other places.

    Then who is the culprit of the rapid spread from the market? There is a ready answer.

    At the beginning, it was said that the virus originated from eating bats, completely misled by domestic pro-American elements.

    Japan has done a research to prove whether the source of the virus is bats. It lists 5 official discoveries.

    1) Although the virus is 96% similar to the Chinese Chrysanthemum bat gene, it does not mean it is the source.

    2) In terms of time and evolution, there is no relevance between the China bat and the Coronavirus.

    3) Shi Zhengli’s scientific paper that claims the virus came from Yunnan bat is different from those researches by other instituition.

    4) To claim that the Chinese Chrysanthemum bat is the source of the virus is to implicate China as the origin

    5) It is impossible for the bat to spread the virus globally.

    Japan has published this report to the world and the truth is completely clarified.

    US has always insisted that the virus originated from China. Chicago in the US is more likely to be the origin of the virus.

    US, let us see your explanation.

    No matter how busy you are, please take a minute to forward to all your groups.

    If no one repost this video, it would be really sad for our country.

    Move your fingers, spread it. Let more people see this video.
    "(PDF) Phylogenetic analyses of the severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 reflected the several routes of invasion in Taiwan, the United States, and Japan"

  4. If it has originated from india why does borris allow people to return from india into uk stop all travel to and from any country that has variants

  5. The South African variant was particularly worrying😆,,,, thankfully it was not" racist " and is s quite willing not to discriminate.lets just say it could potentially be quite' multicultural'.Did this Indian gentleman hear about social distancing? The Brittish government recommended it

  6. Did UK forget its own numbers?? They should go back to the dashboard and map it against their population to understand the impact. Losers..!!

  7. First two people came from brittan and gave this delta varient.and now they are calling it indan varient what is this who doing .not bothered .china wants put the blame fully on indian . the whole world knows. Before we dint have this varient at all. Anyway it's all imported from China.

  8. The problem is 50,000 people visited India in the Spring when they should have stayed at home as per guidance. To add insult to injury very few self isolated on return as per guidance and the British government did little checking. Also the government should have made India Red earlier. This has now caused a delay in unlocking threatening my daughters wedding.

  9. I'll still call corona virus as a Wuhan virus. Even uk Variant is exist bt still indian ain't calling it uk variant. Stop this bs. Although Uk change it to the delta Variant

  10. That's why we support China 🇨🇳 🇮🇳

    We Asian will rule . Indian Chinese manufacturing industry will ruined European market . CC china 🇨🇳 namaste India 🇮🇳

  11. While the novel virus is often referred to by the indian media outlets (e.g. WION) as WUHAN virus, it is only logical that the more virulent variant shall be named after its country of origin.

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