Why is Cats?

Why is Cats?

Don’t get cocky.

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25 thoughts on “Why is Cats?

  1. "If you can't get T. S. Eliot, get TS"
    My feelings toward Taylor Swift were apathetic at best to her and her music. I had no strong feelings about her or her music; I don't like the genre so I don't listen to it. That one statement though made me just say 'Fuck you' and dislike her. I don't know it was her intention, but it made her sound really full of herself. Like she was saying she was the next best thing to T. S. Eliot.

  2. The weirdest part of the film: You have an all star cast with multiple Sirs and a Dame, the prima ballerina of the Royal Ballet, 2 international pop stars, and several additional great actors in Elba and Hudson. And… They went with famously shit actors Rebel Wilson and James Corden as the leads? They can't even sing or dance either! I mean don't get me wrong it wouldn't save the film if they were fired, but, it really didn't help.

  3. I come back to this video after finally watching the 1998 Cats performance (which I LOVED, I am ride-or-die for Cats now) and I have a very different experience watching this now. I understand a lot more.

  4. Thank you so much for this brain liberating content. This is a really specific eep dive but I've been feeling the same level of existential frustration about a children's TV show called "Baby Jake" – it's pretty annoying and hated world-wide for being so, but I'm yet to discover anyone also losing their mind online (or even anyone involved with the show to ask) about the intro. Baby Jake apparently has these 10 alphabetically named siblings that all have their own weird quirk and they live together in a windmill. Except it's NEVER explored beyond the opening scene – those characters literally don't show up until the end credits. What series of things happened that this show got made? How is this real?

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