Delta variant of Covid-19 rapidly spreading across the world. According to the WHO, the Delta variant has been identified in at least 85 countries and is spreading rapidly among unvaccinated populations. Several countries are reimposing curbs amid delta variant threat. The WHO has advised people to remain masked even after getting inoculated. Watch the video to know more.
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By earmpy

36 thoughts on “Will Delta & Delta+ Variant Of Covid Pandemic Make The World Go Into Lockdown Mode Again?”
  1. If we ever hear of an Omega variant its all over… last greek letter ..kinda like the letter Z in the english alphabet. just hope Z doesnt mean Zombie.☠

  2. Delta variant experienced , the affected wont lose smell or taste. Directly breathing problem and lungs getting effected in 5 days. Beware!!!!!

  3. Orissa population 5to 6crore ..on covid odia know and obey all covid rules still bus train stop all.we face lots of trouble… But harami bastad UK USA Google beha destor all covid rules ….and spreading covid to Delta now …virat peltor kukurbija abadhya bija dur dur…Mrutu hi SAS sanman bajat….

  4. There'll be Delta__Delta+and Delta++++++ for the rest of our lives, and Fauci is still giving advice,no one is doing shit to him, Why not talk about putting him and his scientist to trial for the lives, tax payers money and deaths that they caused??????

  5. Please see the leaked memo from the scientist behind the lockdowns:

    Points mentioned in the memo:

    •The plan was always to impose a permanent lockdown
    •The UK Prime Minister is being blackmailed into enforcing the lockdowns, so he can't act in the best interests of the UK
    •The virus data is all made up and hayfever has been rebranded as the new variant
    •The plot to silence and imprison journalists and social media users that question the false narrative
    •The elderly were murdered with Midazolam in nursing homes
    •The plot to take private property from those who don't get the injection
    •The plot to take children from those that don't take the injection.
    •The plot to specifically target black and Asian groups to make them compliant
    •The plot to force a member of all UK households to wear an electronic bracelet to track their movements
    •The plot to deceive the public and keep them compliant until all freedoms are removed
    •The plot to escape prosecution by feigning that it was all in the best interests of the public while knowing that the data is all fake
    •The plot to destroy all freedom of speech
    •The plot to indefinitely imprison or fine anyone in the UK that doesn't go along with the false narrative
    •The plot to impose a permanent lockdown on the UK, which would have crippled the economy, all businesses, all trade, the entire future financial stability of the UK and made UK citizens economic slaves
    •The plot to use the very institutions that are supposed to protect the people to harm them, to take away their rights and to deceive them- note the people that the email is CC'd to
    •The plot to impose medical tyranny on all citizens with an unsafe injection that is clearly killing people or having an abnormal level of side effects
    •The plot to abolish the rule of law and to impose a dictatorship in the UK through deception, blackmail, biological terrorism, financial terrorism, the suppression of truthful journalism, the abolition of free speech, the abolition of an individual's rights over his/her own body and the abolition of property rights.

    The injections contain magnetic particles (SPIONS) that allows an individual to be tracked in real time.

    These magnetic particles are the reason why thousands of people around the world are reporting that after the injection, metal objects stick to them:
    Check the #magnetchallenge on TikTok.
    One example:

    The test swabs also contain black filaments that stick to the skin while a person is being swabbed. The filaments start to move when they sense heat. You can see some of the live experiments being carried out on new swabs here:

    People are being discouraged from reporting the side effects of the injections:

    Be wary of any injection/drug that comes with a disclaimer saying that the manufacturers can't be sued if someone dies or is injured by the product. That is a massive red flag🚩

    I urge you to do everything in your power to make sure that you, your family and all future generations are safe from these plots against humanity.

    Don't forget to share with the people that you care for ➡️

  6. So many rich Indians have flown out in private jets…..had the foreign government prevented them from entering the countries then this catastrophe would not have happened.

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