–COVID cases are now down 95% in the US, while deaths are down 90%, and global numbers are also coming down, while concerns about the Delta variant grow
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Broadcast on June 15, 2021

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By earmpy

33 thoughts on “WOW: COVID Cases Down 95%, Deaths Down 90%…But DELTA Variant!”
  1. Hey David, been watching your videos and streams for two years now, keep up the good work.

    Now on the topic: I'm, from germany, I work as a containment scout at the health department of my county, we have three doctors in the house all the time just for counseling, so I've got a pretty good insight on the topic.

    Firstly, it's quite a feat that the infection rate of your country went down so fast after you finally had some adults back in the administration in february.

    Our numbers weren't a complete catastrophe, but our government totally failed to order enough vaccine (despite Novartis producing the Biontech/Pfizer Vac LITERALLY in my hometown in the middle of germany), so only about 50% of the german population got their first shot and only about 25% the second one.

    Now our numbers are incredibly low, everything gets opened up, some say "corona is over".

    Our supervisor – who is a doctor himself – says: "Enjoy the next couple of weeks, when fall arrives, it's gonna go very bad again".

    Best example is GB – Our numbers now are as low as they were a couple of weeks ago in GB, now their numbers climbed up a lot just because the delta variant – which is on the rise here, too.

    Let's all just hope, that it won't hit us like a truck, just like last year.

  2. I'm in the UK and there are some great data/graphics available showing the growth of the Delta variant here – might be informative for your audience in a future segment.

  3. I hate working in a conservative area. Customers are coming in with no mask and it pisses me off that they get to reap the benefits without doing anything to help reach this point.

  4. South Africa is battling with increasing numbers of daily infections. We have our own variant to battle against. Safety issues have been ramped up again.

  5. I'm in the UK where the Delta variant has become a massive problem despite our stellar vaccination rates. It seems to me that the biggest problem with this variant is that it causes different symptoms at the outset compared to the original strain. Gone is the continuous cough and loss of taste and smell and it presents similar to the common cold. Therefore people are getting it and not realising and therefore not getting tested or self isolating. It is spreading like wildfire here although reassuringly the vaccines do seem to be very effective. It is spreading most in the unvaccinated (as yet) 20-30 years old age groups and thankfully we are not seeing an explosion in the numbers of people dying or being admitted to hospital. It is definitely significantly more infectious than previous strains and it takes hold quickly!

  6. Hospitals should refuse to treat unvaccinated morons. Insurance companies should not pay a dime for treating unvaccinated morons.

  7. sorry to burst your bubble, even though you infection rate has lowered by 95% compared to your ultimate peak, you have not cleared the hurdle.

    In singapore we have been having the low low rate of 10 to 20 cases (including imported cases) and if we only count community infection it will be from single digit to 10s.

    And right now, we have a "spike" of up to 30 cases in the community cases per day and we are already on shut down and high alert. That is around 1/10 of your infection rate at 0.3 pax per 100000 pop. While your current infection rate is around 4.22 pax per 100000 pop .. even though you have reduced the infection rate 95% from your peak!

    So you guys should not be complacent and you are not out of the woods yet.

  8. Living in A Bubble
    Church of the Cosmic Skull

    Sleep forever more
    Close your tired mind
    Fall from the earth
    Go now into the sun

    Reading the newspaper
    Makes me anxious makes me nervous
    Of the past and of the future
    As the fear tries to control us
    So I'm reaching for the potion
    And the comfort of forgetting
    What the world is really like
    Outside the thin walls of the notion
    That we're here in the present
    Like a birthday present

    You got me living in a bubble
    And you just don't know what it means to me
    We're living in a bubble
    Won't you come and join the family

    Sleep forever more
    Close your tired mind
    Fall from the earth
    Go now into the sun

    Outside of the bubble
    There's another and another
    And there's one for every person
    And there's some inside the others
    And some they might cross over
    And there's some there bursting open
    But outside in the darkness
    It's impossible to breathe
    So we climb back on inside
    It's best to stay inside

    Because we're living in a bubble
    And you just don't know what it means to me
    We're living in a bubble
    Won't you come and join the family

  9. I'm so happy Covid is going down, I wish more people would get the vaccine, especially in the South. And alot of people in other States want, just because of Trump, this is crazy, don't they know him and Mrs. Trump got the vaccine. So very glad the scientists and Dr's came in, Trump wanted to put bleach in the vaccine. He is crazy.

  10. I couldn't care less about the life or death aspect of the vaccine. But I'll be damned, if I'm the only Magneto cosplayer, without magnetic powers. I'm getting my 2nd shot in the morning.

  11. A buddy of mine has the Delta variant right now. Heโ€™s been fully vaccinated since March and lives in a highly vaccinated area (Vermont). Heโ€™s pretty damn sick, too. So yes, be vigilant!

  12. You lefty's sure changed your tune on the vaccine, i remember when trump was president, that the vaccine was lies and would need to be tested for years and wouldn't be here by the end of 2020, now that biden is president the vaccine is the best thing ever, wow funny how things change

  13. This is great news, thanks to trump for getting the ball rolling on vaccines so biden could hit his target of vaccines without actually changing or doing anything, great work by both admins!

  14. Regarding the "doom and gloom" people: Has anyone ever met anyone like this? This individual who, quite literally, says "We must wear masks forever, and hide in our homes indefinitely for a really, really long time?". Like, have you actually met someone with that precise viewpoint? With no nuance, or info left out?

    Because I'm skeptical they exist.

    We had people saying rhetoric similar to this (but far less sensational) at the beginning of the pandemic, when we knew very little. As time passed, I saw two parties: those who thought Covid is a joke, and those who wanted to return to some semblance of life with safety measures in place.

    To me, repeating this "doom and gloomer" crap just reeks of keeping a Republican boogie man alive that never existed in the first place.

  15. When will the news story come out about the REAL number of Covid cases/deaths over the past year, this year? Has Biden corrected the counting of Covid during the tRumpkin year? Has Biden corrected the counting of Covid in his administration?

  16. Clearly it may take time to convince anti-vaccine people in the USA to turn around. Proof of this being a slow turn around process, is that the Dr Phil TV show is still active. I know it sounds crazy, but people in USA are still watching Dr Phil.

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