The internet loves cats. And that other part of existence, you know, the actual world, that loves cats too. Why? Because they’re cats, I mean just look at their little faces. Always being playful, or destroying stuff, or just doing whatever they want. There’s a lot of different kinds of cats, too. Most of them change appearance by the colour of their fur, or their size, or even how much fur they have. But there are also some cats that are just weird. Weird to look at, weird acting, all round strange cats. From the cat with named after a bird to the cat who went viral due to looking completely insane, here’s our rundown of 15 Abnormally Strange Cats That Actually Exist!

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47 thoughts on “15 Abnormally Strange Cats That Actually Exist”
  1. Its heartbreaking to see humans decide "fate" for these innocent cats whether to euthanize them or not. Imagine someone deciding to do that to you when you want to live. I find this practice to be barbaric, it should be made illegal

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