There are a few common questions that all MBA aspirants ask themselves in the beginning. Am I too late to start CAT prep? Are 6 months enough to ace the CAT? What preparation plan should I follow to cover the whole CAT syllabus? How many mocks should I take? Which resources or coaching classes should I refer to during my CAT journey?

In this episode of CAT-apult, Debrup Poddar, a CAT 99+%iler, has shared the six-month preparation plan that helped him crack CAT 2020 and secure a B-school seat.

He has broken down his journey month-by-month, highlighting the ups and downs in the path to CAT, the strategies he used to maintain consistency in mock test performances and the lessons he learnt from the regular analysis of those mocks to improve upon his weak areas. If you are a CAT 2021 aspirant preparing in an online mode, this video will be very useful to gauge your current performance, improve upon those mock test scores and catapult your CAT prep to the next level!

To know more about Debrup’s journey to his preferred B-school and step by step approaches taken to crack CAT, follow his series CATapult only on InsideIIM. Tell us in the comments below if you want him to talk specifically about some elements to help with your prep.

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19 thoughts on “6 Months To CAT: Preparation Strategy That Helped Me Score 99+%ile, Ft. Debrup | CATapult Ep 2”
  1. Such amazing content on this channel! This guy seems so sorted and explains everything so well. Really helpful for all of us. Thank you for sharing this valuable content! 🙏 Keep up the good work team!

  2. love how well articulated this guy is, definately has worked upon his confidence but the way he presented the video was impeccable.
    would love to know his opinions on others exams like the CAT because personally, my aim for this upcoming test season is MICAT and SNAP.

  3. I will graduate in 2023. Would be allowed to sit in the examination in my last year too i.e. 2022. Since I have plenty of time. How can I prepare for the best? (detailed) for sure-shot 99%iler

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