Broccoli the Cat found a garden snail in his yard. Will their friendship bloom?

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About Jimmy the Snail:
Jimmy was found munching on our letters in the letter box as a baby. Since then he’s shown great talent in acting and doubled in size. He’s not at all camera shy and loves going for a roam.


By earmpy

46 thoughts on “A Cat Befriends a Snail”
  1. man, I love this new video so much! Must've has trouble getting the two to do the things you want. Broccoli must be used to it by now tho.

    Also, I was very, very disappointed to see quite literally less than A TENTH of the views compared to the reddit post. I think I've been following your content for about 2 months so far, it's just so disappointing that so many people did not check out your Youtube as well. Of course, this is a great passion project, but I wish more people could enjoy the content as well 🙂

  2. This is so well made ! We can really appreciate all the work and passion that you put in this. I hope that you will quickly get more subscribers, it would be a shame that all your work wouldn't get recognize as it should.
    And Broccoli and snaily boy are so cute !

  3. Wow! This is so well-made! The channel truly keeps evolving more and more. I guess it'll never truly be like Aaronsanimals after all, it seems you're sticking to real-cats only in your footage (which Aaronsanimals doesn't, if anybody wasn't aware). And that does really have a charm of its own, I gotta say! It also makes this channel more distinct among the other big animal channels (that I know of). This video truly was amazing once again, I'm so impressed by the coöperation between cat and snail. Also, one small question: isn't filming with a snail kinda gross? You know, because they're known for leaving a thin layer of their body mass behind them everywhere they go…

  4. My goodness, what a wonderful short film! I was thrilled, moved and amazed by it, seriously loved it!

    PS: here from Reddit!

  5. Amazing video! I hope your channel will get the recognition it deserves! Boop broccoli’s nose for me 💕

  6. This is the kind of video that makes me desperately want a cat. Thankyou. It was amazing and very well made. Give broccoli some love from me!

  7. Dear sweet Broccoli 😭 Happy he made a friend! The bandages on the snail are an adorable touch ♥️ And is it me, or has his home gotten a remodel? The set looks great!

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