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A Look Inside Kakapos New Menu That Takes You On A Global Crusade

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Kakapo in Mehrauli has been a popular haunt for Delhiites since it opened but now, we have something new to look forward to. Kakapo is set to transcend boundaries with a delectable journey across nations with the launch of its skilfully crafted global cuisine menu with natural and widespread palette of ingredients and techniques. Drawing inspiration from the diverse and tantalising flavours of dishes from around the world, the new menu promises to be a celebration of flavourful excellence.  

Kakapo hosted a special chef’s table to give us a sneak peek into the revamped menu with reimagined classics. Mr. Udit Bagga, Managing Director, Kakapo revealed how the menu has been curated drawing influences from all over the world while keeping the palate of Indians in mind. Probably that’s why the Mushroo Har Gow dim sums had a spicy twist to suit our desi palate. And let me admit, it was quite a delightful kick of the heat. 

But this is not where our gastronomical journey started. It kicked off with a round of Amuse Buche – with a light and refreshing serving of Salmon Carpaccio that was plated to perfection. The combination of salmon and avocado is a winner, and it was seasoned just right to make for the first course and to complement my equally tantalising French Fantasy cocktail. My favourite tequila was combined with vodka and sweetened to please my sweet tooth.  

And then, the food kept coming and the drinks kept flowing. I loved the idea of the food and drinks pairing (which was not restricted to wine). So, we tried a variety of foods and a variety of spirits, not caring for the hangover we could have the next day. Surprisingly and thankfully, I didn’t get it!  

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Coming back to the food, Pomelo Salad was one of the highlights of the dinner. The Thai-special salad has just the freshness you need from a salad – the sweet and spicy sauces, the crunch of the roasted nuts and the lovely greens – all came together in splendid harmony.  

Then the night was drawing to a close and it was time for the main meal. I picked Sea bass en pappiouttee, which, to be honest, did not quite match my palate as it averts the smell and taste of raw fish. But for those who don’t mind it, it can be a good option. 

But then, desserts were there to work up my appetite once again. The signature Kakapo’s Nest, with complete resemblance to the rare nocturnal bird Kakapo, the egg-shaped dessert – looked absolutely exquisite, the smoke around it adding to its unique presentation. But it was the Vegan Sandwich dessert that won over my sweet tooth and my heart.  

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It was a very sweet ending to a great meal. I left with a note in my mind to go back to Kakapo to try the rest of the menu. Can’t wait! 

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